Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Cafe De Coral - Hong Kong

When my eldest son and I visited Hong Kong a few years back, we were at lost on where to eat. There are practically local restaurants and hole in a wall in every block but most of them have no English Menu and they don't have utensils, just a pair of chopsticks. Hence, we were forced to dine at the hotel restaurant and at the all time favorite McDonald's.

CDC at Sham Shui Po area

During our following visits, with family in tow, armed with enough info from the net, we tried dining at Cafe De Coral though it took us sometime to locate the place. The food court or restaurants in Hong Kong normally have their entrances at the ground floor while the dining area could either be at the basement or higher floors unlike in Philippines where they usually occupy premium space at the ground floor. In fact, we have dined at several branches of Cafe De Corals and all of them were not at the ground floor.

while in queue you need to memorize the code of the dish you want to order 

breakfast with Happy Stripes

Upon entering the place, you need to check the menu displayed along the wall while in queue. No worries because there are English translation. Having a family of picky eaters we normally spend a few minutes outside the queue before we are able to decide our order. Hence, once we have decided what to order there is already a long line ahead of us. Even so, it was usually a hit-and-miss for my family while I love the taste of any Chinese dish be it spicy or looks slimy, lol. Anyhow, my family enjoyed teasing each other if the order were a miss.

22 HKD breakfast with hot drinks
42 HKD Dinner with option for hot or cold drinks

For breakfast, the price normally varies from 20 to 30+ HKD while for lunch and dinner, you can choose from 30 to 50+ HKD. We noticed that the lunch and dinner menu sometimes vary while the breakfast was the same most of the times.

receipts with order release number

queue at the release counter with electronic billboard at the center

During breakfast, upon receiving your receipt, you need to fall in line at the release counter which is at the other end of the cashier counter. Just give your receipt to the staff and wait for few minutes. For lunch and dinner, it is a different story. There is large number imprinted on your receipt. You need to wait for the electronic billboard to flash your number before you approach the release counter. Service area is just beside the release counter.

CDC across Fa Yuen Street
Unlike in Philippines where you can have a long chat after meal; in contrast, eating in Hong Kong is not conducive for after meal conversation due to limited space. The service staff will immediately clean your table once you have finished your meal.

Dining at Cafe De Coral is already an experience in itself. Definitely we will be coming back to this place whenever we are in Hong Kong.

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