Sunday, September 22, 2013

Hong Kong - City Econo Guesthouse

A few months back, during our family's summer vacation in Hong Kong, our flight back to Clark Airport via Tiger Airways was cancelled due to schedule problem according to the airlines. I had no option but to re-book our tickets on the following day, free of charge of course.

Family celebrated and started to search the net for additional places to visit without knowing that we had a logistical problem. Our hotel booking for a family room at Mini Hotel in Causeway Bay was good for 4 nights only; I availed their promo rate. When I inquired for 1 night extension, the management replied that I need to pay the normal rate which was almost double their promo rate. Furthermore, they wouldn't be able to give the same room to us; we need to transfer to another family room. Because of this, I decided to book for 1 night at City Econo Guesthouse at Nathan Road near Jordan train station. I got a triple room for 650 HKD and a double room for 500 HKD. The booking has been confirmed through email correspondence with a certain "Jenny."

From Mini Hotel we transferred to City Econo by taxi. The Guesthouse is located in an old building. Following the instruction found on the internet, we proceeded to 6th floor of the building where the reception desk is located. The nice old lady was expecting us and after paying in cash she beckoned us to follow her to 5th floor where our rooms were located. It was pretty inconvenient though to go back to 5th floor by stairs while carrying our bulky luggage. The lift was busy and it would take some time before it would be back to 6th floor.

Our kids' triple room was quite roomy. There was 1 double bed and 1 single bed. Their toilet was quite spacious as well. As expected, the facility was quite dilapidated including dated beddings and towels though the place is clean. Anyway, for its price you can't ask for more.

No space to open our luggage

wash basin outside the toilet

Going to our room, my wife was disappointed upon entering it. The dated room and toilet were so tiny; the wash basin was outside the toilet. Hence, my wife preferred to take bath at the other room. While taking a bath, I accidentally dropped the soap, retrieving it my knee hit the wall. I got a bruised knee as remembrance, lol. Fortunately, hot shower was available.

A flat screen is mounted on the wall in both rooms however the TV signal was poor. Free bottled water and basic toiletry while hot water for tea/coffee is available along the aisle. The free wifi is fairly fast as expected in any paid accommodation in Hong Kong.

The following day, we need to check out early thus we simply left our room keys on top of the reception table.

There is nothing especial about this Guesthouse except the location and the friendly attitude of the owner. From here it was pretty convenient to go to different places.


  1. that was really a tiny room considering their rate. buti the soap didn't drop in the toilet seat. hihi

    1. oo nga, pag nagkataon hingi ako soap sa kanilang room, hehe

  2. hallo... may I ask you? is there any elevator in that building from ground floor? its because, I plan to book their room.
    thank you ^^

    1. Yes. The usual small and dilapidated elevator you can find in most old buildings in Hkg.