Sunday, March 29, 2015

Dad's Review - Driver's License Renewal at SM North EDSA

Update as of 13th of May 2016

Finally! I got my plastic ID. Ironically, today is Friday the 13th. This satellite office is now releasing all pending driver's license IDs renewed last year. For those who renewed their license in early 2016, sorry guys you need to wait for some time though I noticed that new applicants are now getting their ID released on the same day.


A few weeks back I used my driver's license during my transaction at a Western Union branch in Manila. Later, its staff informed me that my license was already expired so he asked for another valid ID. Upon informing him that I didn't have any other valid ID with me he eventually accepted my driver's license.

It was fortunate that I have learned about this matter through my transaction at Western Union otherwise I would need to shell-out 2,000 pesos in case I would be apprehended for any traffic violation. Because of this, on my next vacation I hurriedly renewed my driver's license at SM North EDSA since my wife had to pay some bills at SM North as well.

I reached the LTO satellite office at SM North at around 1 pm and in less than an hour I have completed renewing my driver's license. However, I need to come back on last week of May to collect my driver's license since the LTO office had huge backlogs due to some legal problems they encountered regarding their plastic driver's license supplier, as I heard from Topgear. In fact the validity of temporary driver's license will be extended up to the actual expiration of the driver's license. See: Here's some good news if you have been issued a temporary driver's license They simply stamped my original receipt "valid as temporary license until 30th of May 2015."

The steps in renewing the license at this LTO satellite office is quite simple not to mention the efficiency of the staff which is commendable for a government agency known for its red tape and corruption.

1. Show your expired driver's license at window 2. Your license will be returned back to you together  with an application form.
2. Proceed to a nearby table and ask for a medical form and pay 200 pesos; prepare exact amount or else you will be asked to wait until the guy has change for your money. If you don't have any pen with you then you can buy it from here for 10 pesos. A queue number for medical test will be given to you after you have completed the medical and application forms.
4. Proceed to the medical room at the back area and wait for your queue number to be called.
5. Your weight will be recorded and eye test will be performed including color identification.
6. After the medical test you need to return all your documents to window 2.
7. Wait for your name to be called from window 1 where your picture and signature will be digitally encoded.
8. After encoding you have to wait again for your name to be called from window 5 or cashier. Since my driver's license has been expired for a few months I need to pay an additional 75 pesos as penalty fee aside from normal renewal cost of 417 pesos.
9. Finally, wait for your official receipts to be released from window 3. The staff manning window 3 will explain when and how your driver's license will be released.

The place is a bit small thus expect some crowds. This LTO satellite office is located near the parking entrance of SM North EDSA.

Update: 1st of June 2015

As expected my temporary license has been extended for another five months.

Update: 30th of Oct 2015

I returned back to LTO satellite office at SM North to collect my ID but to my dismay, the entire office was empty except the guy who was accepting medical fee for doctor examination. He told me that their chief was on vacation and asked me to call next week after the holiday. He stamped my temporary license an extension until 2018.

Extended until 2018

Wohoo! I don't know what to say. My license plates and sticker are not yet available as well.

Update as of November 2016:

This satellite office has been closed for sometime. Hence, don't bother visiting this place anymore for any LTO transactions.