Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Dambana ng Kagitingan, Mount Samat, Bataan

Without traffic, the place is around 30 minutes' drive from our hotel at Balanga City.

The memorial shrine was built to honor and remember both Filipino and American soldiers who fought side by side against the Japanese Imperial Army during the Second World War.

Driving to the mountain's peak was pretty exciting for my city born kids due to thick bushes along the way. For hikers, you may hire tricycles parked at the base of the mountain in case your legs couldn't make it to the top.

The five of us paid 190 pesos as entrance fee inclusive of parking and museum fee.

inside the museum

After a couple of minutes, the wife and kids hurriedly went out of the museum due to overpowering smell of sweat due to lack of proper ventilation; the only source of fresh air inside was the tiny entrance door. I noticed too that only a couple of air conditioning units were operational, obviously not enough to cool down a large numbers of visitors at that time.

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Anyway, inside the museum, as expected are war pictures, vintage armaments and other war memorabilia.

My eldest and I decided to climb the summit where a huge memorial cross is located while the rest of the family roamed the main park below; unfortunately, some areas around the museum were off limits to visitors

Stunning views would greet any visitors reaching this point. You can see the mountain ranges when facing west while the east is overlooking several Bataan towns. Sad to say, the elevator to the viewing deck wasn't functioning; the viewing deck is closed too.

The rocky stair ways to the top could be unsafe for careless individuals. You could stumble and injure yourself due to rough and uneven surface.

In a nutshell, the place needs to be rehabilitated especially the museum and the viewing deck's elevator. With proper support from government more local and foreign tourists will flock in this part of the country.