Saturday, July 23, 2016

Dad's Review - Keeping It Together (KIT) Electronic Pouch

While strolling inside the newly opened UP Town Center along Katipunan Avenue I chanced upon a KIT kiosk. I have noticed this brand at SM North EDSA along the center bridge connecting the parking building and the mall itself. I thought that this product caters mainly to ladies who wanted their cosmetics and other beauty paraphernalia organized while travelling since I have seen how my wife and daughter laboriously pack their beauty and personal things into several small plastics and bags.

To satisfy my curiosity I checked their products and found a gadget organizer or an electronic pouch.

Being a frequent traveler between the Philippines and to my jobsite in Africa, I need to bring several electronics items and cables with me. Oftentimes I misplaced some of them and thought that I lost them only to find out later that they were hidden underneath my backpack; sometimes I need to search all the pockets of my backpack just to locate a charging cable.

To give you an idea on what kind of gadgets I need to bring with me while traveling you must be aware that I am using two mobile phones, a smart type for my personal use and Jurassic type for my job so I always carry two different types of chargers. In addition, I have a small portable and re-chargeable speaker which I use while watching movie on my tablet. Not to be outdone is my active noise-cancelling SONY Walkman. To be able to charge my “toys” I need to have a universal power adaptor with me and in case all my toys have run out of their battery juices then a 10,000 maH battery bank never fails me. I also use a 3 meter charging cable so I can still play my favorite phone game while lying on my bed. Finally, I have a cheap digital watch which I use while on work and a cleaning brush for my electric shaver.

Surprisingly, all of my “essentials” can be accommodated inside my KIT electronic pouch. Not only that, I found a great way to store my daily meds and comb as well.

Aside from being handy, its transparent cover has served me well. Why? In the country where I am presently working, the security staff always inspect our belongings before we are allowed to board the plane; we are talking here of two connecting flights. And when I say inspect, expect that your bag will be searched thoroughly. Having the KIT electronic pouch, the security staff merely take a look at it and return it back to my backpack thus saving me time during the inspection.

I bought before a small gadget organizer from Daiso Japan for 85 pesos. After a single use, its zipper got damaged. I got my money’s worth. For my KIT, I paid 295 pesos and extremely satisfied with its quality.

When I go for vacation after a few weeks,  I am planning to buy a another KIT organizer for my toiletries.

Update as of November 2016:

KIT's branch at SM North EDSA center bridge has been closed for some time.

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