Monday, March 20, 2017

Diecast Corner - Back To The Future DeLorean

The BTTF trilogy catches the interest of diecast collectors around the world due to amazing design of the time machine.

Though the BTTF time machine is literally a DeLorean car, it is called as “Mr. Fusion” in the movies; actually Mr. Fusion Home Energy Reactor is the name of the power source of the said time machine which uses garbage as fuel. It was only in the end of the film that “Mr. Fusion” was shown to the viewers when “Doc” drove into “Marty’s” driveway with the DeLorean but with an added protruding canister on top of the engine labelled “Mr. Fusion.”

Ghostbusters and BTTF are some of the media franchises that capitalize on modified real cars to enhance the over-all impact to the viewers due to fantastic modifications and intricate designs. In doing so, the BTTF DeLoreans became must-have for serious diecast collectors regardless of scale.

Don’t expect that since the trilogy revolves with the same characters and story line the cars would remain the same. Well, actually it is the same DeLorean model but with individual design and modification. Hence, we have three different DeLoreans for BTTF trilogy.

Welly's BTTF scale 1/24

It is the annual convention of time travellers, lol.

gull-wing doors

There are several manufacturers of diecast DeLorean cars and the most sought brand for 1/24 scale is Welly probably because you can avail the three DeLoreans in one packaging and aside from that many collectors consider them as better replica of the three DeLoreans. Sunstar focuses at 1/43 and 1/18 scales. While Hot Wheels produces them in smaller 1/64 scale. A massive 1/6 and 1/8 scales also exist with superb details and functioning lights but prepare to shell out a small fortune if you’re lucky enough to find them.

Aside from the wheels, the three DeLoreans have different rear engines as you can see in the pictures while some models have railroad track at the base; if you have watched the movies then you’ll know why.

It cannot be denied that BTTF DeLoreans has added colour to the diecast collection world. Hence, if you intend to join the fray better start looking for these cars and once you get hold of them don’t be surprise if they’ll be the first to be noticed among your collections.

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