Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Bahay na Bato of Luna, La Union

During our recent Holy Week family vacation in San Juan, La Union the family convinced me to visit “Bahay na Bato,” the newest attraction in the said province. So I drove 25 km from our hostel to Luna, La Union; for a traffic free and leisurely drive it took us around 45 minutes to reach the place.

However, due to its uniqueness, expect throngs of tourists especially during peak season. We ended up leaving our car along the shoulder of the main highway due to full parking and trekked for a couple of hundred meters to the place. No worries at all since some local guys are assisting the motorists; a couple of police were also there during our visit.

History of Bahay na Bato

We paid 30 pesos admission fee and another 10 pesos to see Mr. Kim’s 3-D arts gallery.


As the name implies, this house is made of stones and pebbles found along the coastline of this municipality. The flooring inside the main house is made of stone in mosaic design. Plenty of stone arts, old stuffs and paintings are displayed inside as well.


Carved stones are common sights inside the compound. Some could be artistic while some could be funny. Beware though that stone picking is not allowed inside.

The sea view, as expected along La Union coastline, is quite mesmerizing not only due to vast and blue ocean but also due to strong and rolling waves. The place even has an open mezzanine at the back facing the sea so the visitors can enjoy the view.

It is preferable to visit this place early morning or late afternoon. The sweltering noontime temperature can be very uncomfortable since you’d have only trees to provide shade. Don't forget to bring umbrella or hat.

I could say that when you’re in La Union make it a point to visit this place.

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