Friday, April 6, 2018

Good news when renewing your driver's license at SM North EDSA

A few years back, my driver's license ID card was released after two years due to some legal wrangling of the ID cards supplier. Thus I had only a year to enjoy my driver's license ID card before it expires.

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Surprisingly, nowadays one can easily renew his driver's license and receive his ID card on the same day.

I opted to renew my driver's license again at LTO's satellite office in SM North EDSA. The new office is now located at The Annex Building basement level; the same level with ACE Hardware and just beside SM Bowling Center.

Below are the steps to follow in renewing your driver's license at SM North EDSA.

1. Upon entering the hallway, locate the Health Clinic at the right side for your medical clearance. Pay the medical cost, if my memory serves me right medical examination fee is 350 pesos, take a queue number and wait for your number to be called.

2. After the medical examination you may now proceed to the main hallway and search for the LTO counter. You'll find many government agencies satellite counters here such as SSS and Pag-Ibig.

3. Another queuing number will be given to you after you have submitted your medical examination result to LTO counter; wait for your number to be called.

4. Pay the renewal cost at SM cashier in the area. I paid more than 700 pesos inclusive of 75 pesos late renewal penalty.

5. When your number is called, approach the LTO counter for data encoding.

6. After your data has been encoded do not leave yet! You would be asked to go to the room at the back of LTO counter for ID card printing.

7. Prior to printing of your ID card your picture will be taken and your signature will be encoded. Your ID card will be printed in only a matter of minutes.

Congratulations! You have acquired your new driver's license ID card valid for five years!


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