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Singapore - Orchard Road

Orchard road is synonimous to luxury and fashion. I heard these words from people who have traveled to Singapore thus I've been very curious about this place because I knew we have upscale malls in Manila also.

Upon visiting Orchard Road several times, I have learned to appreciate that Asians don't need to go to Paris, MIlan or New York anymore in order to splurge their excess wealth. Moreover, even an ordinary asian tourist, like me, can visit this place and wander at the staggering prices of these luxurious brands. Hence, I would focus only on this part of Orchard road where you can find the well known brands in the world of fashion and accessories.

Going to this place is very simple, just alight at Orchard MRT station then you can exit at ION, Tang or Orchard Road. I got lost the first time I went there by bus because I alighted at Orchard Blvd instead of Orchard road. From that time, I always go to Orchard road by MRT.

ION Orchard is the classiest upscale shopping mall on this part of Orchard road. Try using its toilet and you will know what I mean.

Countless daily tourists are stopping in front of ION Orchard to take souvenir shots with colorful outdoor statues (?); I don't know how you call these things. Even my family got souvenir shots with them. Actually, even myself had some shots with them.

I was aghast when I saw this MRT access from ION Orchard. WOW!

Took this shot at the opposite side of the road. Sad to say, there was some construction going on along Orchard Road.

ION Orchard is located at the corner of Orchard and Patterson Roads. Some corners shots in front of ION Orchard.

You will find along Orchard Road the most famous spot for Filipinos in Singapore.

The Lucky Plaza

Yes, this is where our kabayans normally gather during week-end. You will find inside Lucky Plaza many establishments that cater to Filipinos such as remittance centers, cargo forwarders, restaurants/food shops, barbers/beauty centers and so on. I recommend "Lutong Pinoy" at Asian Food Mall at the basement area. It is owned and managed by a fellow bosconian. I love their bulalo, it costs 12 S$ and good for three people. We went there twice just to eat bulalo.

In case you want to dine at the famous Food Republic, there is one at the 4th level of this building. Try the fried prawn noodles, you won't regret.

I've seen Isetan also at KLCC (Petronas Towers) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Another famous place on this part of Orchard Road is the Nge Ann City. I believe it is the biggest luxury mall along Orchard Road with two residential towers.

On the left side of Ngee Ann City mall entrance is an arabic or shawarma kiosk.

 While on the other side is 7 eleven kiosk. This is the first time I see a 7 eleven kiosk.

Some of the malls along Orchard Road. Note the difference between Orchard Road and our malls in Manila. Here, each mall has its own unique characteristic and design unlike in our box-type SM malls. However, whenever it rains, it is difficult to go from one building to another. In this case, our SM malls are much preferable. 

Grand Park Orchard

Tangs Plaza

Mandarin Gallery

Paragon. Is this the same (Siam) Paragon in Bangkok, Thailand?

Duck and Hippo office, an established name in Singapore tour industry, is also located along Orchard Road. 

Note their modern vacant parking lot indicator.

Finally, shopping in some upscale shops in Orchard Road could be annoying for some shoppers who expect that they can simply enter the shop any time. Normally, a shop assistant will limit the number of shoppers inside and when the maximum number has been reached then shoppers need to queue outside and wait for the other to leave before they will be allowed to enter.

TANGS Plaza Christmas 2011


Elephant Parade Gallery

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