Thursday, November 10, 2011

UAE - Abu Dhabi corniche

The most beautiful corniche in middle-east.

Corniche year 2000

I remember vividly the corniche when I first set foot on this island. Yes, Abu Dhabi  city is an island. It was the only main tourist attraction at that time. There was this so-called volcano that used to be the center of attraction along Abu Dhabi city corniche. I was lucky to upload these to Friendster before Ondoy flood destroyed all of my treasured pictures.

Corniche year 2000
Even the old sea view can't be compared to the grandeur of present Abu Dhabi city corniche. Note the clear sky at my back, now it is dotted with new skyscrapers.

At that time, I was hovering at 65 kg. Don't ask my current weight, just enjoy reading my post about the most beautiful corniche in middle-east.

It is worth mentioning that the original corniche (pics above) has been long gone, around 6 km road from Sheraton to Hilton hotel. A part of the sea was reclaimed few years back. The corniche was widened at least 500 meters and extended until Marina mall area. The corniche view has improved tremendously with manicured parks and gardens while dedicated cycle and pedestrian lanes were put up along its bank. But it didn't end there, presently some parts were being re-shaped or re-designed.

Swimming areas are being added while more than hundred beach umbrellas will be installed. Public facilities are being constructed.

New family-friendly parks, food shops and playground are now common sights along Abu Dhabi corniche

I had not expected that this once sleepy desert city would transform itself into something great and marvelous in short period of time. It is similar to a caterpillar that transforms to cocoon then eventually into a beautiful butterfly. From what I have seen and read, Abu Dhabi is still in cocoon stage, we haven't seen its glory yet.

About the half-mast flag, I was told it was because of the recent death of crown prince of Saudi Arabia.

For those who are filthy rich, weekend jet skiing is a norm. However, in case you will watch these guys, be aware that some of them will try to splash you with water. My DSLR almost became a victim to their mischievous act. There were even times that power boat races were being held here. In addition, regular dhow and cruise trips pass along this part of the sea.

Sunset view along Corniche is indescribably beautiful.

While night view are awesome.

At the back is one of new iconic land marks of Abu Dhabi, Emirates Palace Hotel, the second-most expensive hotel ever built in the world. 

At the end of corniche is the Marine Sports Club. This is where the "real boys" park their "real toys". I was not able to take shots of countless yachts at the back of this building. It was a bit dangerous going to that area due to poor visibility while cars were zooming on this part of corniche.

In front of this Marine Sports Club is the biggest shopping mall in Abu Dhabi, Marina Mall 

I hope I'll have another opportunity to visit Abu Dhabi again when all the changes and improvement have been completed. When that time comes, I can say to myself that I am really fortunate to witness one of the greatest development in this part of the world.


Roaming around Abu Dhabi city


  1. i think i will contest your most beautiful corniche claim with this =)

  2. Doha corniche is also a sight to see. My first time to visit Doha was on year 2000. I love the Pizza hut along the corniche. The giant clam (?) and the Dhows. Few months ago, when there was no travel ban yet to my work place, my Filipino colleagues and I used to spend 1 day in Doha before our flight back to Manila for our monthly vacation. I hope I'll have a chance to visit Doha again.