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UAE - Dubai Mall

We have several huge malls in Philippines, SM North and Mall of Asia are included in top 10 biggest malls in the world. Thus, when I heard from my Arabs friends and colleagues that Dubai Mall was huge, I didn't even raise my brows or bother to visit the place. I didn't expect to find anything spectacular at DM for I am a weekend visitor of SM North and Mall of Asia. Weekend malling with family is a part of my activities during my vacation. To add, I thought whatever attraction DM has, we have the same one in Manila like dancing fountain, indoor aquarium, skating rink and so on.

However, last time I visited Dubai, I stayed at Holiday Inn at Safa Park. I hate this place because you won't find anything interesting around this area aside from the park itself. I had no choice but to take my dinner at Dubai Mall; it was the nearest place of interest. Because of this, I have learned that my Arabs friends were correct.

Dubai Mall is the largest shopping mall in terms of land area but when it comes to leasable area it is behind our SM North and Mall of Asia. See: wikipedia - The_Dubai_Mall for complete details and facts.

This is the best view among several entrances of Dubai Mall during evening. Strolling from Dubai mall metro station you will pass along these lighted dates trees lining up Boulevard Plaza. Coming from this area, the nearest entrance is the Fashion Avenue.

DM has several entrances, one of these is the Fashion Avenue entrance where parked Rolls Royces, Rovers, Ferrarris and other upscale cars/SUVs are a normal sight during evening.

Inside the fashion Avenue

modern and trendy information counter

Fashion Avenue Atrium

Looking closely, those are small butterflies cut-out hanging from the ceiling. A touch of class and elegance will welcome you when you enter DM from this area.


Upscale brands in world of fashion and accessories are located on this part of DM.


This is one of DM entrance gates. It is facing Doha Street. This entrance is mainly used by common people. Taxis and private cars will drop off their passengers on this side of DM. This will lead you to Aquarium and under water zoo area.

One of the main attractions of Dubai Mall is the Aquarium and under water zoo. It was very creative putting a huge aquarium with tunnel beneath it inside a shopping mall. I hate glass reflection.

This one boasts a Guiness World Records for Largest Single Acrylic Panel in the World.

Entrance tickets for under water zoo.

In front of this Aqurium is Candylicious, a haven for kids and kids-at-heart. Definitely, your sweet tooth will subliminally ask you to lurk inside for some time.

The Waterfalls is another creative and amazing attraction. I believe they have mixed glycerine or other chemical to water flowing on these two falls to solidify the fluidity of the water. You won't notice any single drop of water splashes around the areas and it seems the water flows in straight line.

There is wide screen monitor above the Ice Rink. That is the biggest LCD screen I have ever seen. Bleachers were also added for spectators and food galleries abound around the rink. Suffiice to say that this Ice Rink is world class.

Note the three huge chandeliers above the rink. You might wonder why they installed chandeliers instead of flood lights. For you guys who haven't seen snow, after being exposed for some time you might experience snow blindness (I exeperienced minor snowblindness once when we where in France on top of La Meije glacier mountain) which is caused by UV rays reflected by snow or ice coming from natural and artificial lightings. To prevent, this DM installed chandeliers instead so as to minimize the UV rays.
While wandering inside DM, my feet brought me to The Grand Atrium. I didn't know why they call it Grand Atrium until I have reached the place, it was really grand. Amazing.

I wonder if this circular monitor is the same I monitor I've seen in some NBA courts. 

the atrium light changes color from time to time

This is the third DM entrance. It is fronting Dubai Fountain. These are night shots so as to show the grandeur and beauty of Dubai "dancing" Fountain

Entrance to Burj Khalifa's AT THE TOP is also located at the lower basement of DM. You won't expect that this small counter/entrance will lead you to the highest observation deck in the world.

OTHER AREAS inside Dubai Mall

I have spent several days in visiting Dubai Mall and during those days, I religiously took my dinner in two of its food concessionaires.

While in KL, Malaysia, I have seen this name, Nando's. I believe it is the same Nando's at Dubai Mall. I have eaten thrice on their DM outlet and dined mainly on half-chicken meal (hot and lemon & herbs flavors) and chicken steak. Trust me, I like spicy chicken but I never imagined that Nando's spicy (hot) chicken is beyond the treshold of my taste bud. Its spiciness can be felt by my nostrils. On my second half-chicken meal, it was blissful. I love their lemon and herbs flavor.

half-chicken meal

chicken steak

Nando's at food court inside Dubai Mall


I tried ASSIA in work also. Ordered seafood fried egg noodles, as I remember. It was good but quite expensive.

Have you eaten at Greenwich pizza in any of our shoppping mall's food court? If yes, then most probably you have experienced searching for empty seats near Greenwich counter because you need to wait for your number to be called by the service crew. It was quite annoying specially when the available seat was on the other side of the food court. This is a very innovative solution to this situation. These electronic devices will lit and vibrate once your order is ready to be picked-up. I am impressed.


There are still some areas I haven't explored like the Gold Souk, I am not fascinated by this metal. A medium sized supermarket can be found also at lower ground floor. It boasts wide selection of organic products. 
I have focused mainly on ground and lower ground floor area because due to its size I would need extra pair of feet to cover them all in short period of time.

Dubai Mall is a must when you visit Dubai. This is your gateway to the tallest structure in the world and you won't regret spending time to watch the dancing fountain every 30 minutes, it was magnificent. Or you can simply have a photo-shoots with Ferrarris, Roll Royce, Rovers to name a few. And for those who have excess wealth to splurge, I am sure Fashion Avenue will be able to satisfy your "urge". In addition, you will find enjoyable to watch those divers feeding the colorful and gentle sea creatures inside the aquarium.

The only drawback is the absence of fast-food joints. I never saw any KFC or Mc Donalds which means dining cost here was more on the high side. Nevertheless, it is in my honest opinion that this is the best shopping mall I have ever seen.


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