Saturday, December 24, 2011

Hong Kong - street carollers at Causeway Bay

It is my second day at Wang Fat hostel. Actually, this hostel is under Hong Kong Hostel management and located at the third floor of Fashion Walk building, an upscale mall at the heart of Causeway Bay.

My family will arrive in Hong Kong tomorrow to bring my favorite macaroni salad and celebrate Christmas with me. We'll be staying at Harbour Plaza hotel, New Territories. Hence I am alone on Christmas eve.

I have decided to roam around Causeway Bay and see how they celebrate Christmas. Being a Buddhist country, I never thought that street carolling is being practiced here, at much grandeur scale.

I was surprised to see these youngsters in different groups carolling at different places at Causeway Bay. They were singing joyfully and sometimes dancing.

I saw this group at Paterson Street, near my hostel

While this one was directly under my hostel building, Fashion Walk is at their back side.

This group was a bit farther at Percival Street.

The last group was along Lockhart Road.

These groups of teeners were the ones that made the Christmas mood alive in this area. Yes, some malls were having Christmas decors and discount sale but they were obvious for commercial purpose only. But these carollers were singing their hearts out in the cold of the night without asking for any money which our street carollers in Philippines were infamous for, though I can say that our carollers are better singers.

Anyway, if not due to freezing temperature, as low as 10 deg, I would stay until 12 midnight on the street and be a part of their celebration.

Nevertheless, I spent some hours chatting with my wife and kids in Philippines. I will meet them tomorrow and I will have a joyous Christmas after all. With my macaroni salad and hopia, of course. For the mean time, I need to warm myself.


It was great to know that some of you were with me while I wander. You are one of the reasons why I am able to bear my vacation away from home.


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