Monday, March 12, 2012

Singapore - Tree in Lodge Hostel

After meeting my family and celebrate Christmas in Hong Kong, I flew back to Singapore to wait for my flight back to work.

During that time, I found it difficult to book hostel bed for 6 nights. Searching the net, I found Tree in Lodge. The price was a bit costlier compared with other hostels, 27 S$ per night but I didn't have a choice. Nevertheless, I was intrigued by their motto of "a green lodge by backpackers, for backpackers who care!"

You will find TIL hostel near Bugis Junction. Few minutes walk from subway station. Just cross the street in front of Mc Donalds and walk along Tan Quee Lan Street for around 300 meters until you reach Primero Place. TIL is located at the second floor.

You will find the entrance to Primero Place at side street after the building. You can use the lift to go to TIL.

I arrived at TIL hostel a bit earlier hence I waited for the staff to arrive because the door was locked; you can't enter without the electronic keycard. Moreover, upon arrival of the staff, I need to wait until 2 PM before they would release my bed. I was so tired and sleepy. I arrived at midnight and stayed at the airport until morning. Rules are rules. So I left my bag with the staff and went out. I came back at 2 PM. I paid a minimal deposit for the electronic keycard, I can't remember how much. Without the keycard, you won't be able to enter the hostel and your room as well. Nice one for added security.



The accommodation is pretty basic but clean and well-maintained by the 2 young lads. The bed is firm but comfortable. Free wifi and breakfast. Don't expect some fancy breakfast though. A/C is on during evening. Each bed has curtains around it thus adding a bit of privacy. I was given a bed in a 12-beds mixed dorm. Female dorm and toilets are separated from male. However, the toilets walls were simply polished concrete, it reminds me of our toilets in our old house at the province. The locker is small and you need to have your own pad lock. The common lounge can be use for dining, receiving guests and surf the net, some netbooks were provided for this purpose. You can even purchase discounted tickets for some touristy places in Singapore.

I have noticed in one corner some personal effects were free to use. I asked the staff and I was informed that those were left behind by previous backpackers and instead of throwing them immediately they offer these for use to present guests thereby minimizing the impact to the environment. Quite creative but I have my own personal hygiene supply.

One of the things that caught my attention also was the waste segregation being practiced by TIL. Kudos to you guys! Simple idea but with great impact to the environment. Everybody follows the instructions, even those who were drunk, they knew where to put their empty beer cans. Further, empty plastic bags were being collected for re-use.

Aside from those green ideas above, wherever you look, you see quotes about nature, green news, eco-tours posters and so on and so forth. In addition, you can do your own laundry but you need to purchase an environment friendly detergent powder from the staff. There is no dryer thus you need to hang your laundry for one night to dry.

reception and pantry area
Of all those green ideas above, the following is my top choice. Free refill of water. Anybody who has been to Singapore will attest how expensive bottled water is. Here, they drink filtered tap water. Nevertheless, it is a fact that Singapore's tap water is safe to drink.

One day, one of the staff asked me why I preferred to stay at the hostel rather than go out and visit some touristy places. I replied that I have been to those places before and my fund was running low. He asked me to visit MacRitchie water reservoir park and tree-tops walk. He gave me some instructions on how to reach the place by bus. I could explore the place for free, he added.

The place was amazing for it never occurred to me that you will find such kind of place in the middle of Singapore. You may check my post about MacRitchie. After my eco-tour at MacRitchie, he dared me to visit the Singapore's southern ridges. No and thanks. I need at least two days to recuperate. It wasn't easy for me to hike 10 km of forest and mountain trails.

In case you are a certified bikers, I mean bicycle riders, you can have a discount at TIL hostel. The two cool guys of TIL are both riders too.

I celebrated 2012 new year on that bleacher.


  1. Glad to see you enjoyed your stay in Singapore. I've linked you!