Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Vietnam - I became a millionaire for few days

2 million Dongs

Everybody wants to be a millionaire but only few, like me, would be lucky.

In my 4 days at Ho Chi Minh, I became a millionaire without even trying to become one. I tried to enjoy my newfound wealth. I quickly spent my millions as if there was no tomorrow.

My wife who was with me was also caught on my shopping frenzy. We even bought several bags  worth more than a million Dongs. I can't believe that I would be spending money in 6 zeroes in couple of hours.

However, after 4 days, I was awakened by reality. It was time to leave Ho Chi Minh. I bade goodbye to being millionaire. For those who are skeptical, I have proof that I have lived a life of excesses, I still have a million Dongs in my wallet.

In case you plan to visit Vietnam, try to be prudent in your expenses and be clever. Sometimes taxi driver can rip you off by tens of thousands Dongs. More so, don't forget to bring you at least a hundred thousand Dongs back to Philippines as remembrance that you have been a millionaire like me even for few days.

By the way, 1 USD = 20,000 Dongs.


  1. that's why i want to visit Vietname, to be a millionaire even just for a while. So how much is a meal there, or a shirt?

  2. For a decent and solo meal, around 90,000 Dong. I bought a good quality Hard Rock cafe t-shirt for almost 200,000 Dong, quite expensive because I got confused in exchange rate. For the TNF bags, see my previous post.