Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cambodia - Angkor Wat, Siem Reap

In the olden times, ancient aliens used to visit our land and meddle with our affairs. They taught humans how to build great structures that withstood the test of time. The great pyramids of Egypt, Machu Picchu of Peru and Angkor Wat of Cambodia all connects to a certain celestial meaning that continues to baffle our present greatest minds.

In not so distant past, actually few years back, Lara Croft, journeyed to Angkor Wat in searched of a powerful artifact which has a supernatural or alien power. Before she got hold of the prized artifact she needs to kill and destroy terrifying mystical monsters and beings. She even traveled back in time to meet her father.

Fast forward to present, I have decided to visit Angkor Wat to fulfill one of my lifelong dreams, not to travel back in time or meet some aliens but rather to see the splendid legacy of Angkor Wat with my own eyes.

road to eastern  gate

Upon setting foot on the eastern gate of Angkor Wat I can't contain my excitement because like an ancient explorer, it took me some time before I was able to see its real grandeur. I need to walk on dusty and deserted road and even encounter wild monkeys loitering around.

Actually, I didn't know that I was already entering Angkor Wat because my tuk-tuk driver didn't tell me that it would be the first temple we would visit on my 3-day pass. Besides, I used to see on the net the wide lake and the old pathway where millions of visitors have threaded.

However, there were few tourists traversing on this path. I simply followed the road while my excitement was slowly building up since the towers looked familiar from afar. After more than an hour of exploring, I reached the main temple and countless of tourists started appearing. I wanted to jump at that time. I never thought that I was already in Angkor Wat. It was really a surprise. I was very thankful to Moori for showing me the off the beaten path of entering Angkor Wat. Nevertheless, he promised to bring me to the main entrance on the 3rd day of my temple pass.

the Eastern Gate
wild monkey

Even at this point I can't help but exclaim, I am here! I am in Angkor Wat. I used to marvel at this place whenever I see it on magazine and on National Geographic Channel. 

I have been to many touristy places and even visited The Killing Fields and S21 which touched my inner being. They are great places to visit and examine ourselves. However, upon seeing Angkor Wat, the feeling was simply indescribable. I am here in one of the greatest places on earth where the great old ways of life can still be seen and felt.

While strolling around the area, I tried to imagine myself being transported back to the glory days of Angkor Wat; I hope Lara Croft can lend me her artifact so I can travel back in time. Anyway, I am sure that Angkor Wat would make its  people proud for having such a great place to worship. I tried to visualize how they live and socialize with each other. Do they party? How do they live? Where are their treasures?


Until now, I can still feel some excitement and longing whenever I see my photoshoots in Angkor Wat. If you happen to visit Siem Reap and short in funds then there are two main temples that you need to see, Bayoun and Angkor Wat. To add, Angkor Wat was originally a Hindu temple but due to course of time it was converted into Buddhist temple. This is the reason why you can see illustrations or scenes from Indian literature such as unicorns, griffins and so on.

Angkor Wat's main entrance
I spent 3 hours inside Angkor Wat on my first visit through the eastern gate and spent another 2 hours on my second visit. This time I entered through the main gate where countless tourists were traversing the old pathways crossing the man-made lake.

The feeling of touching and walking on a thousand year old structure is awesome. I never thought that I would finally fulfill my dream of spending a few hours of my earthly life in Angkor Wat.

I would recommend to would-be tourist of Angkor Wat to spend some of your time exploring minute details engraved on its walls and temple pillars. Moreover, try to enter or exit Angkor Wat through its eastern gate. You won't regret.



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  1. Finally an Angkor Wat post. I really want to visit this place. Nice photos you have there

  2. i've been to cambodia in 2009... i hope i can go back again now that CEB flies to cambodia. would love to spend more time in cambodia and explore more of the temples :)

  3. I am planning to go back to Cambodia as well...hopefully in few days..