Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Thailand - Inverted Flag of The Philippines

On the last leg of our whole day tour, our group of 12 tourists, 7 were from Philippines, was herded to The Rose Garden. A small theme park that showcases Thai cultural show.

Inside a large and dimly lit arena, the group did several interesting presentations such as Muay Thai and other fighting exhibitions plus Thai dance and music. Local music was being played at the background by a group of musician at the stage during the entire presentation.

The last part of the presentation was the small world dance wherein all the dancers were holding the flags of different countries. It was a symbol of unity. Everything was fine except for one small but important details.

The Philippine flag was reverse. The red portion was on top.

At any rate, here is the picture of our inverted flag.

Aside from us, there were 3 other Filipinos in our group, one guy and two old ladies. They were in Bangkok because the guy would attend the Rotary Club convention according to his mother. They were booked in the same hotel where we were staying.

After the show, the guy told me that he approached the dancers and informed them that our flag was in reverse which means that our country was in the state of war. His comment was received politely and I hope the organizer would correct the mistake. Fortunately, his group was seated at the lower portion of the arena.

Kudos to you "kabayan" for I believe countless Filipinos have watched the show and did nothing or didn't notice the error. In my case, you can't expect a guy wearing -500 spectacle to notice such minute detail. In fact, I have confirmed this mistake upon inspecting my enlarged pictures of the presentation. Since my family and I were seated at the far end of the bleachers area, none of us were able to notice the mistake.


  1. good thing u saw it and it was politely received...

  2. actually, the other guy saw it and he just told me...I confirmed the mistake when I checked my shots.