Saturday, September 8, 2012

I am in Hong Kong for my lunch and dinner

Don't misinterpret me. I really took my lunch and dinner in Hong Kong. I am not filthy rich but I am opportunistic, lol.

Actually, I am on my way to another country for personal reason. I have to wait for around 12 hours before my next flight hence I took the opportunity to go out and took my lunch and dinner at the lobby area of Hong Kong airport thus I consider myself as opportunistic person if I may say so.

Upon disembarking from the plane, my previous trips in Hong Kong with my family immediately shot back at my memory bank. It was one of our best Christmases last 2011. We stayed for 5 days and 4 nights in Hong Kong to celebrate Christmas and birthday of our eldest; hopping from Disneyland to Ocean Park while shopping from fashion center Causeway Bay to mainstream Mongkok area. It was pretty cold and chilly during that time. However, nowadays, the weather is fine and moderate due to summer season.

Nothing has changed in Hong Kong airport. Upon arrival, you need to take an unmanned train going to main building for passport control and baggage claim. The same long queue at the immigration but the best of all is the free and fast wifi at the lobby area. I have watched TV Patrol live streaming and was able to watch without any interruption Naruto Shippuuden's latest episode 278. I took my favorite seat beside a 220 VAC wall outlet; you would find them near MTR ticket machines. Be aware though that they are using 3-pin plugs in Hong Kong thus you need to bring with you a power source adapter otherwise you'll end up shelling more dollars just to re-charge your laptop or mobile phone.

I took my lunch at Burger King and ordered the same set meal I used to order before for 40 HKD. Set meal no 2 which consists of a mini-whopper burger with regular fries and coke.

For dinner, I dined at Maxim beside Burger King and ordered my favorite shrimp balls with noddles for 30 HKD. Fantastic taste and quite filling for a reasonable price.

I didn't bother to roam around Hong Kong this time for it would bring back sweet memories which would make me long for my family preventing me from fully enjoying my few hours in Hong Kong. In addition, I found Hong Kong an expensive place to go foodie. Further, I have enjoyed Chinese dishes during the past few days at The President tea House and King Bee Chinese Food hence my taste buds are not eager to go Chinese today. In fact, I'll prefer to sleep on my 8 hours flight rather than eat.

I checked-in 2 hours before my flight and saw the immigration officer in amazement for I have been in Hong Kong in just 12hours.

Being a silver member of Qatar Airways frequent flyers club I was a given an invitation at Travelers Lounge. That was my second time. It was the coziest lounge I've ever been due to a big circular bar at the middle while the dining has separate area. The dim lighting creates a relaxing atmosphere. You can even ask a stand-by chef to cook your favorite noodles, lol.

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