Sunday, October 14, 2012

UAE - Dubai Creek Dhow Cruise with Dinner

In one of our company business trips in Dubai, my Yemeni colleagues asked me whether I have tried the famous Dubai Creek Dhow Cruise. I replied not yet thus we booked ourselves for a 2-hour Dubai Creek Dhow Cruise at the lobby tour desk of our hotel.

Dubai creek is merely a narrow inlet of sea where you can easily observed thousand of activities during daytime while the view transforms into something magical at night time due to glimmering lights of different colors from both sides of the creek being reflected on the still water. This is the best time to enjoy Dhow Creek Cruise.

We were fetched from our hotel lobby at 6 pm by the tour agent and were brought to Dubai creek where several traditional Dhows or wooden boats were anchored on its bank. We were warmly welcomed by the staff before we boarded the ship.

Though these Dhows really looks ancient they are motorized, however.  Bright and colorful rope lights are installed around them. Unlike their forebears that resemble a cargo boat, our Dhow is a single level and open air deck with many tables and chairs thus you can enjoy a 360 degrees view of the creek while the sea breeze will keep you cool. The Dhow is more like a floating restaurant.

Being the first guests to arrive, our group got the best seat in the house. More so, tea, coffee, sodas and juices were offered as welcome drinks.

The buffet tables opened at 8 pm. It is composed of Continental and Asian foods with unlimited non-alcoholic drinks and mineral water. The food was more than enough for the whole group but nothing special though. You can order alcoholic drinks but the price was quite steep.

The Dhow sails slowly along the creek and sometimes traverses under the bridge. While on board, a melodious music kept on playing. After some time a magic show was held and some guests were asked to participate. The mood was generally festive. On top of this, we saw along the way several equally colorful Dhows. It was quite a view since they looked like floating-phantom-boat-shaped-lights from afar.

magic show
sailing under bridge

There are places that photography is not allowed due to security reasons. Huge warning signs are posted along Dubai Creek banks. Normally these places are government building and private properties of the royal family.

The feeling was great and it was truly a memorable experience since you have the chance to see the old and new architectures of Dubai. Moreover, there were places along the creek bank that people gathered for an evening chat while in some areas we noticed cargoes being unloaded from small wooden vessels that came from neighboring countries such as Iran and Oman.

I can say that Dubai Creek Dhow Cruise is suitable for the entire family and couple as well due to serene and romantic atmosphere. During winter, you need to bring protection or thick clothes to keep you warm.

After more than an hour we reached the end point of Dubai Creek, our Dhows maneuvered and returned back to its original location. It took us around 3 hours to complete the entire voyage. The tour agent returned and waited for us; he dropped us back to our hotel.

The three of us paid 200 Dhs each for the Dhow Cruise with dinner. I found it later that the price was inflated.


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