Sunday, January 27, 2013

Kang Kang Windmill Cafe - Bangui, Ilocos Norte

Kang Kang WC is just a hundred meters from the shore. If I am not mistaken it is located approximately between the fifth and sixth windmill. Because of this, the place offers great vantage view of the windmills and more importantly the place is not crowded.

Kang Kang Windmill Cafe

We took our lunch here after a quick visit to Patapat Viaduct. We were on our way back to Paoay via Laoag City. I knew that we have a long day ahead of us and my body started to feel the creeping exhaustion caused by several days of continuous driving. This place miraculously soothed my aching lower back and arms.

windmills view

front view of KKWC

Strong sea-breeze can be felt even when inside the cafe thus we searched for a table at the farthest corner to avoid the breeze. We ordered Pansit, Calamares and Fried Chicken. The price is affordable with the main course costing around 200 pesos.

The food is just average especially the Calamares while the "Pansit" is definitely a letdown. Nevertheless the ambiance is great. Not to mention the satellite channel. The wife was able to watch her favorite noontime show.

After a so-so lunch, we continued our journey to Paoay. We traversed a mixed rough and paved road until we reached the main high way.

The Pay Toilet

By the way, prepare 5 pesos in case you need to pee.

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