Sunday, February 24, 2013

Business (Foodie) Trip in Bangkok

It is our last night in Bangkok City. Tomorrow evening the wife and I will fly back to Philippines. We are on business trip; looking for latest fashion trends in Bangkok for Happy Stripes. To be honest, I am not shopaholic whereas, in contrast, my wife and daughter can walk and shop the whole day albeit sore legs and aching bodies.

Nevertheless, I am taking this opportunity to follow my heart's desire as well; indulging in my favorite Thai cuisine. I consider it as reward after hours of unending walk with ever increasing weight inside my TNF backpack while the wife lead the way in shopping.

Upon arrival in our hotel at 10:30 PM few days back, famished, we took our dinner at our favorite nearby Sidewalk Food and Drinks in Pratunam area.

Fried Rice with Seafoods - 90 THB

It was so satisfying to eat an authentic Thai cuisine again after several months.

The following day, we started shopping at Chatuchak Weekend Market. After getting tired, we had some rest and took our lunch in our favorite restaurant in Chatuchak Market, Ta Phlue.

We ordered 2 steamed rice at 15 THB each; my wife asked for shrimp rolls for 100 THB. As for me, I really missed their chicken in coconut milk for 120 THB. The chicken in coconut milk is perfect, very tasty chicken and slightly spicy soup. I can say that the rice is suffice to be eaten even with the soup only. However, the shrimp rolls were disappointing.

From Chatuchak, we returned back to Pratunam area for another round of shopping galore and took our dinner at Sidewalk.

instant noodle

I ordered Thai noodle soup with fish balls and shrimps. Initially, I was not that eager to eat my dinner since I saw the cook using instant noodles; I even used the instant noodle flavoring sachets. However, upon tasting the soup and noodle, my appetite returned back. The noodle was yummy while the fish balls and shrimps were very tasty. For 100 THB, I could say that my order was pricey due to instant noodle but it didn't matter since I was satisfied with it. My wife dined in Chicken Phad Thai. I told her that I would asked for the same thing tomorrow.

The following day, we surveyed Platinum Mall. Both of us decided to take our lunch at the food court at the 6th floor. As usual, we need to change our money into food coupon.

Thai noodle soup with steamed fish

My wife ordered her favorite "safe food." She asked for Fried Rice with Fried Chicken for 45 THB while I opted for another Thai noodle soup with steamed fish for 55 THB. This time the cook didn't use instant noodles. My wife also liked my noodle soup.

For dessert, I bought my wife's favorite, almond waffle for 19 THB each. Sweet waffle taste and sprinkled with almond nuts outside. To add, I also tried their cassava in juice. The cassava was cooked the same way we cook cassava in Philippines. Boiled and rolled in caramelized sugar but the juice was salty. It was a contrast in taste thus we end up draining the cassava and left the juice untouched. The cassava with juice costs 40 THB.

If you are in Pratunam area, I strongly recommend that you dine at Platinum Mall food court. There are countless selections of authentic Thai dishes at an affordable price. You won't regret, trust me.

sliced Mango

On our way back to our hotel, I bought sliced Mango from a street vendor. Actually, since yesterday, I have been searching for a fruit vendor that use plastic gloves in handling the fruits. I saw one and decided to buy sliced Mango from him for 30 THB. Both wife and I loved the sliced Mango. It was perfect as after meal snack. The Mango was crunchy and sweet. Moreover, the sliced Mango came with "Bagoong" or shrimp paste. The dried shrimp paste was mixed with sugar and chopped chili thus overpowering the sweetness of the Mango fruit hence the shrimp paste went directly to the waste bin.

Dinner time, as I told to my wife yesterday, I ordered Chicken Phad Thai at Sidewalk for 70 THB while she settled for Seafoods Phad Thai.

Chicken Phad Thai

Seafoods Phad Thai

Phad Thai seasonings

The Phad Thai normally comes with its set of seasoning composed of sugar, spicy vinegar, fish sauce and chili. Sometimes, you would see also ground peanuts among the seasonings like in Khao San road Phad Thai street vendors. In our case, the peanuts were already added to the dish. Nothing special with their Phad Thai though. I prefer the Phad Thai in Khao San road

Tomorrow would be a different scenario. Since we would be traveling back to Philippines, I would bring my wife to a fast food joint. We need to eat "safe food" so as to avoid stomach discomfort, just in case, during our travel.

daily breakfast

By the way, our daily breakfast at White Palace Hotel, aside from perennial bread and spreads, is consists mainly of fried rice, noodles, salads, fried eggs and chicken sausage. They change daily the type of noodles and fried rice while the rest remains the same. The hotel also offers pork sausage and bacon.

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