Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Cambodia - Tonle Sap Floating Village from Kompong Khleang

Tonle Sap or "The Great Lake" is quite unique in a sense that its water flow outward to Mekong river during dry season and reverses itself during rainy season. Either way, the locals are able to cope-up with this natural event by living in floating houses. Initially, I simply expected boats converted into houses but I was wrong; I saw real houses with balcony and terraces floating at Tonle Sap.

Moori and some of his friends accompanied me to this memorable trip while we were waiting for their friend's wedding reception to start at Kompong Khleang. We came here by tuk-tuk which made the trip more exciting and dusty, lol. We went to a nearby small pier and negotiated/hired a medium size boat for four of us for 20 USD (round trip) and was worth every cent. Comparing with other boat fare going to other floating villages, ours was dirt cheap. I believe the boat operator can't refuse my new friends who are tuk tuk drivers, unless he is willing to lose tourists/clients from these guys. It was dry season at that time and Kompong Khleang was bustling with life due to lake's low water level.

It took us around 30 minutes boat travel along the river before we reached the open lake. On our way we met several boats with tourists traversing the river as well.

Once we reached the open lake, the sight became stunning and magical. Tonle Sap is really enormous in size. I wonder how huge this lake would be during rainy season.

We roamed around the area and some kids started waving at us; a dog barked at us as well.

While in the area, I saw a bigger tourist boat which attracted some boat vendors. I am fortunate that Moori brought me to this place and not to some tourist traps at Chong Kneas as I read on the net.

Another 30 minutes was spent around the area before we decided to return back to Kompong Khleang to catch-up with the wedding reception.

Indeed, Tonle Sap is one of the most memorable places I have visited since it is quite fascinating to imagine living in that place far from the worries of modern day living.


  1. I wasn't able to visit Tonle Sap Lake during my trip to Cambodia maybe I'll get another chance next time, seems like an interesting place to visit.


  2. After visiting more than a dozen of temples in SR, Tonle Sap is a welcome relief. I am sure you'll get another chance to visit SR.