Monday, June 3, 2013

Happy Stripes joins Grand Bazaar at Centris

Happy Stripes will be at The Elements Tent at Centris on 15 to 16 June 2013. 

As preparation for its first commercial Bazaar experience, Happy Stripes will be in Hong Kong this weekend to purchase trendy Korean and Japanese ladies apparel that will be sold at the Bazaar.

Moreover, not to be outdone, Bangkok fashion apparel will be offered as well.

So for all the pretty ladies out there, it is now time to be the happiest again. You will find us at Booth 68.

At Happy Stripes, we guarantee that all our products are personally handpicked from Bangkok and Hong Kong. We offer limited quantity for each item. 

19 June 2013

It was an exhausting experience for HS at Grand Bazaar. On second and final day, we were there as early as 8:30 am until 9 pm. Although we were not able to reach our target sales due to continuous rain in the afternoon that prevented shoppers in visiting the bazaar it was a good experience for HS to learn the "tricks-of-the-trade."

Moreover, we learned from other shops some sales and marketing strategies that HS can implement in its future bazaars. Some of our clients even acknowledged the quality and appeal of our merchandises. In addition, HS got some new "Likes" on its FB page.

Finally, some celebrities visited the two-days bazaar. We spotted Melissa Ricks, Kiray, PBB's Joj and Jai and Meg Imperial.

See you on our future bazaars!

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