Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Spotted - McDonald's Minions with their cousin in my house

I spotted these 9 McDonald's Happy Meal Minions and their huge cousin inside my daughter's room while I was doing routine house cleaning.

My wife and I used to collect Jollibee and Mc Donald's toys when my kids were still in grade school. Unfortunately, our collections were damaged during typhoon "Ondoy" (Ketsana) last September 2009.

These 9 funny Minions were with their huge "one-eye" cousin when I spotted them. The huge minion was a gift to my eldest from her girlfriend. Since the 9 funny minions belongs to my daughter then they are cousins, lol.

My daughter told me that her friends helped her in completing her 9 McDonald's Minions. More so, instead of taking her lunch inside their school compound she decided to eat McDonald's Happy Meal for lunch so she can complete the 9 Minions as early as possible. She was lucky since I heard that some of the 9 Happy Meals Minions were very difficult to find nowadays.

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