Monday, October 21, 2013

Mama Chit's Coffee House - Marikina City

inside Mama Chit's Coffee House

Yes! We found time yesterday to have a quick bite at Mama Chit's Coffee House at Marikina City.

We learned about this place while watching Kris TV a few weeks back. We tried visiting this place on the same day that Mama Chit's was featured on the said TV show. Unfortunately, the place was full at that time so we ended up taking our afternoon snack at Cafe Lidia; another restaurant in Marikina City featured by Kris TV.

Vintage Decor Everywhere

To avoid long queue and to avail a limited parking slot along the main road we left our house at San Mateo at quarter to three in the afternoon and arrived at Mama Chit's after 15 minutes. The place was half-empty when we arrived. We occupied the wooden long table beside the entrance door.

The place is quite hot considering that it is not yet summer season. We never thought that the temperature would be slightly uncomfortable inside due to absence of air-conditioning. The only ventilation we got was from a wall mounted electric fan. However, you can dine alfresco style outside minus the vintage decorations.

I found the last remaining parking slot in front of Mama Chit's along the main road. Another car behind me tried to park at a limited space but after realizing that it would be pretty difficult to make a parallel parking the car left the place.

Huge Family Burger

note the space along the side of the Burger Patty 

my share

We ordered the famous Family Burger. I remembered that Mama Chit's owner mentioned to Kris during the interview that the Family Burger cost 450 pesos only. Hence I was surprised to note that they were selling the same burger for 600 pesos nowadays. The soft drink in can was 50 pesos each while the chips was worth 50 pesos per order. Quite pricey I believe.

Chips with dipping

Furthermore, I was expecting a huge circular burger patty but as you can see on the picture, the patty wasn't round at all. It seems that they combined several burger patties to make a Family Burger. The huge burger is serve on a wooden plate accompanied by a long narrow bread knife.

In fairness, the Family Burger tastes OK but nothing especial; the bun is more on spongy and bland side. Actually, we prefer the bigger Big Bob Grilled Cheeseburger at Mezza Norte; the Jollibee Champ is even better and more filling if I may say so.

Forget about the 50 pesos Chips as appetizer.

To sum it all, we visited the place to have a taste of their famous Family Burger. The dining experience is actually enjoyable due to vintage decorations and a chance to eat a huge and famous Cheeseburger though the experience might be different during summer time where the place could be terribly hot.

We got carried by the frenzy and we told ourselves that once is enough.

Mama Chit's is located at 278 J.P. Rizal Street at San Roque, Marikina City. If you are coming from Cubao area just drive along Aurora Boulevard and right after Katipunan take the left overpass going to Marikina City; follow the main road until you reach Marikina Bridge. Turn right immediately after the bridge and follow the road (J.P. Rizal); this is a one-way street. Upon reaching Marikina Shoe Museum try to locate a parking area long the road since Mama Chit's is just opposite the museum.

If you are coming from other places simply locate Marikina Bridge or Marikina Bayan and take Calumpang or Rosario (Pasig) jeepneys; they will pass at Mama Chit's and Marikina Shoe Musem.

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