Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Dad's Review - Sony Xperia TX from Kimstore

After my eldest son was robbed of his Nokia X6 mobile phone recently, I told my wife to give him her Lenovo A800 smartphone. As replacement for her previous Lenovo I asked her to choose a smartphone from Kimstore, a famous online shop in Philippines.

After a few days of deliberation with our youngest "techie" kid she chose Sony Xperia TX. Since I was about to go home for my vacation she asked me to check at Dubai Duty Free (DDF) the price of Xperia TX, that was about a month ago. I was expecting it to be cheaper at least at DDF but surprisingly the Xperia TX price was higher at DDF. It costs 429 USD or more than 16k Pesos whereas at Kimstore the price of the unit was 13,480 Pesos.

Upon arriving home, I brought my family for our routine family day at SM North EDSA. We took the opportunity to check the price of Xperia TX at 2 gadget shops at The Annex. The first shop's price for the TX was around 26,000 pesos while the second shop was a thousand pesos lower. Both of them has offered 0% interest for 12 months installment. All of us were aghast since both shops' prices were almost double the price of Xperia TX at Kimstore. When I told the sales guy that I knew an online shop that was selling the same unit at almost 14 k pesos he asked me the name of the online shop because he couldn't believe that the same model can be bought at much lower price.

I checked another known on-line shop in Philippines for Xperia TX and found its price more than 16,000 pesos as well; almost the same price with DDF.

Since Kimstore offered the lowest price for Sony Xperia TX we decided to purchase the unit from them. I sent a FB message and followed up with text message; that was Friday evening. Saturday morning I received a confirmation text from Kimstore and we arranged a meet-up at Eton Centris Mall at Quezon Avenue on the same day. Everything was confirmed and arranged through text messages only. The term was cash-on-delivery.

I arrived at 4:30 pm at the agreed place inside Eton Centris. To my surprise, I was actually expecting that Kimstore representative would be waiting for me, there were plenty of clients inspecting and testing their newly bought gadgets from Kimstore too.

My youngest kid tested our unit thoroughly and after he gave his thumb up I paid the entire amount to the 2 guys from Kimstore. In short, in less than 24 hours I was able to arrange a meet-up and close a deal with an online shop. In addition, aside from selling brand new and sealed units, they also provide manufacturer warranty to their clients.

Initially, after receiving our unit, I was a bit apprehensive since its keyboard was set in Chinese. However, my kid simply changed its setting and informed me that all its functions were working fine. Having confidence on my kid when it comes to gadgets my apprehension disappeared. I vividly remember too that my eldest son's mobile phone which I bought in Singapore was set in Russian language.

Some indoor shots taken inside Terminal 21 shopping mall at Bangkok City

Outdoor shots at Wat Po Temple, Bangkok City

Shots above were color enhanced and reduced to 800 X 450 pixels. 

Currently, my wife's Xperia TX is working perfectly. We even upgraded its Android operating system. She enjoyed its music function while on flight mode and finished her 5 Candy Crush lives during our 3 hours flight to Bangkok a few days back. There were some glitches but they were caused by improper installation of apps. A re-installation solved these glitches. Moreover, she loves it being light weight compared with her previous Lenovo smartphone. But for me, I prefer Lenovo's rubberized textured rear cover. The Xperia TX's camera has higher pixels than my Samsung S3 but mine has a faster auto-focus function. One thing I always appreciate in any Sony product is the high quality of its audio function. I drooled when I compared the audio of my wife's TX to my S3. Anyway, I have my Sony MP4 Walkman with noise canceling function whenever I want to sound trip.

To sum it all, it was great to have a credible online (gadgets) shop in Philippines that provides a very competitive and affordable gadgets with manufacturers' warranty. My youngest kid is looking forward for his gadget this coming Christmas and I hope I will close another deal with Kimstore.

This is the official FB page of Kimstore

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post and Dad's review maybe different from trendy kids' expectations. 


  1. Fantastic photos! Great of you to recommend Kimstore; I tried it recently and now have my Xperia Z1. I'm loving it! Indeed, trusted seller.

  2. Would like to share:

    Thanks to Kimstore and Ms Kim, my new Note 3 has arrived safely and quickly. Based in Cebu :)

    True #1 when it is about gadgets. No other else. Secure and reliable, original and affordable.

    Until next time po!

  3. I'm planning to order next month. I'm also based here in Cebu, I just hope and pray that my experience later on will the same as yours because as of now, I'm still questioning the durability of Kim store's products. I've read some negative comments about their after sales and I'm bit disappointed.

  4. Hmm, Ivy,

    Naturally na may mag-iinarte talaga in terms of products and services. You cannot please everybody.

    What I can say, Kimstore is really the best. The other online gadgets stores don't honor their warranty, it's just for show para may "warranty" daw. They have a reliable repair service, but of course you can't please everyone. My friend asked for after-sales support and she was served on time.

  5. Just got my yellow Instax Mini 8 from them! Very nice and accommodating indeed!

    9am texted booked meetup at 12nn
    got gadget by 12:30 (12-2 meetup time)

    person for meetup was friendly, and even asked if it was for my girlfriend, yes he was correct!

    Thank u Kimstore

    God bless Wels!

  6. Ask q lang po kung saan po nakapwes2 yung kimstore??.. bibili p sna ako ng camera, slmt po.

  7. hello wels, also a dad myself, first time ko bumili sa kimstore, after reading the experiences here mukhang okay naman. i tried it and yes, ok naman gift ko for my daughter's 7th birthday, Xperia L cellphone.

    sulit nga and maayos ang meetup, yun naman ang mahalaga. and tinuruan pa nila ako paano buksan yung likod ng Xperia L, medyo kumplikado pero ok naman... salamat..

  8. Planning to make the Xperia Z2 upgrade after being announced yesterday! Just waiting for price drop and I'll definitely buy from Kimstore.

  9. I've been holding on to my Samsung S3 for a long time now, about 1.5 years. Color blue from Kimstore.. thanks again

  10. Seems like I'm going to get my iPad Air at Kimstore. Thanks for this unbiased review!

  11. Excellent Customer service, got my item delivered to Davao City safe & sound! (Nokia Lumia 1020 w/ camera grip)

    Maraming Salamat po, sa uulitin!

    Recommended seller!!!

  12. Just got our 3rd purchase from you guys after the mega5.8 and instaxmini8. Thanks kimstore! #happycustomer #3rd #sony #xperiaL

  13. Very professional store, 5-star up! I Bought z1 and millerston powerbank.



  14. Kimstore, thank you sa Samsung Galaxy Note 3.. matagal ko na gusto itong phone pero sa totoo lang, hindi lang ang specs ang nagpakumbinsi sa akin na bilhin itong phone, kundi yung competitive price nyo at napakagandang serbisyo.. taga davao nga pala ako pero wala akong duda sa serbisyo nyo.. maayos kausap sa email, sa FB, at pati sa text.. natanggap ko ang Note 3 in less than a day ganun ka bilis ang serbisyo. Pag-available na ang Sony Xperia M2 or LG G2 mini bibile ulet ako sa inyo.. Salamat Kimstore..

  15. Hi Wels, any plans of upgrading your phone soon? Wala lang. :)

    1. No plan to upgrade yet. Actually, I am using an S3 from my postpaid plan.. si misis ang gumagamit ng Xperia and she's happy with it.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. yung samsung galaxy S4 kaya nila..guys ..sana di sya Clone balak kong bumili eh mahal sa mall...tingin nyo po..anu po opinion nyo plss''tnx

  17. https://www.facebook.com/BadKimstore

  18. Thanks for this review im also planning to purchased on kim store ;) now i feel safe