Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Mister Donut - A Hidden (Foodie) Gem in Bangkok City

Philippines is a relatively small country compared to our Asean neighbors but its population is one of the highest. Because of this, Metro Manila is considered as one of the densest capitals in the world.

Where there are lots of people there will surely be plenty of places to eat. It is in this light that I have noticed that there are more donut outlets in Manila than in Bangkok. We have mainstream donuts from Mister Donut and Dunkin' Donuts while we boast also several gourmet donuts outlets such as Krispy Kreme and Go Nuts. Recently J.CO from Indonesia has joined the fray. Hence, you will find donut outlets in every malls and major roads in Manila.

I mentioned mainstream donuts because they sell cheap and affordable donuts though they also offer a few especial flavored donuts as well at premium price. On the other hand, gourmet donuts lovers are ready to shell out money and fall in line for their favorite fancy flavored donuts.

In my case, I love the plain black and hot brewed coffee of Mister Donut and Dunkin' Donuts. In addition, they offer cheap donuts that perfectly compliment the strong flavor of their coffee thus I usually take my routine caffeine shots from these two donut outlets while we're enjoying our weekly family day in malls.

A week back, while assisting the wife who was bent on consuming my hard earned dollars at Platinum Mall for our online shop in the Philippines we decided to have a snack at Mister Donut located at the basement of Platinum Mall.

While selecting from its different flavors my instinct kicked-in and started converting the price of each donut; they were priced from 15 THB to 17 THB. To my surprise, those colorful and obviously mouth watering donuts would only cost around 23 pesos each when converted to pesos. I mentioned this to my wife and she was astonished as well because it was almost the same price of a basic donut at Mister Donut in the Philippines. It was so cheap that we couldn't help but compare them with their pricier counterparts in Philippines which you can have for at least 35 pesos while in J.CO a donut would cost 42 pesos.

In short, we ended up buying 4 donuts as our snack.

I discouraged my wife from buying a dozen of these cheap but amazing donuts for our kids back in Manila. I told her to forget that idea since it would cause her great inconvenience during the flight back home. Fortunately she listened thus I ended up having a few more Thai banknotes with me, LOL.

My wife left last Monday and I was stuck in Bangkok for a few more days waiting for my work visa to be sent by my new company.

After my wife left, I took my lunch at Platinum Food Center the following day and bought 4 donuts from the same Mister Donut as my afternoon snack. The wife was bitter when I posted the donuts on my FB while my sister asked whether these donuts were available in Manila. I replied in negative.

I brought these donuts back to my hotel room and stored them inside the small fridge for a few hours to protect them from ants. Later, their top coating became crusty and the flavor was enhanced. I learned that these donuts are best eaten when chilled.

However, I have no idea whether Mister Donut in Bangkok City had a promo or not; these donuts were unbelievably cheap but great in flavor.

So guys, once you step foot in Bangkok, try to indulge on their local Mister Donut. You won't regret, I promise.

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