Friday, August 1, 2014

Bobae Market - Bangkok city

I have been aware about this "must-visit" market in Bangkok city for quite some time and surprisingly enough my wife has been contemplating on visiting this place as well due to great reviews on the net regarding the affordability of men, children and ladies apparels being sold here.

Because of this, during our last business trip in Bangkok city with our daughter, we threaded to this place. Bobae market is located at the heart of the city and near MBK Mall. After taking our breakfast in our hotel at Pratunam area we took a metered taxi and after around 30 minutes we reached this place. The fare as I remembered was less than 100 THB one-way. It could have been more expensive if we ride the tuk-tuk while coming here.

Upon entering the welcome arc we noticed immediately Bobae tower. It was a mixed hotel and commercial building. Many shoppers were already doing their business as early as 7 am.

We started scanning Bobae tower first but unfortunately some of the shops were still closed. Nevertheless, we took the opportunity to search for trendy and good quality ladies apparels but we were disappointed. The same thing when we scanned the streets outside Bobae tower.

Actually, the products being sold here are indeed affordable and cheap though you have to haggle if you plan to buy in wholesale quantity. The main drawback was the quality and style of the dresses and clothes. If you are in Manila, you can buy similar items in a "tianggehan" or flea market. There was a very big difference when it comes to latest fashion and style.

Well, our online shop maintains a certain standard while being trendy at the same time, to say the least. We ended up coming back to our hotel empty handed after exploring Bobae market for an hour.

Bobae market can be considered as a giant flea market in Bangkok city with over rated reviews on the net if I may say so.

If you have been exposed to different flea markets in Asia then don't bother shopping in this place.

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