Friday, August 22, 2014

Dad's Review - Nude Audio portable wired speaker

On my way back to Philippines for my monthly vacation I spotted a tiny but attractive speaker at Dubai Duty Free. It caught my attention due to attached sticker that it was voted number 1 in the Gulf for portable speaker. In addition, I was searching for a decent and rechargeable laptop speaker that I can use when watching movies from my "Mad Drive."

battery can provide 8 hour playtime
It took me at least 15 minutes to decide since the price was a bit steep for a wired small speaker. Moreover, the unit was sealed and the sales staff would only test the unit once I've paid for it. Left without any choice I bought the unit for 99 Dhs (27.12 USD) and tested it afterwards. I connected it to my SONY Walkman and surprisingly the sound quality and loudness was acceptable considering its size.

Upon reaching home and fully recovered from jet lag I tested it while cleaning our house. I connected it to my Walkman and placed them inside our entertainment room at the 3rd floor while I mopped the place. The loudness and treble was amazingly clear though it couldn't fill our entire entertainment room. However, when I transferred them on the second floor, the performance improved and was able to satisfy my eardrums while cleaning our room.

Without knowing it, my wife listened attentively and borrowed my new teeny-weeny speaker while she ironed our clothes. The speaker blended well with her SONY Xperia mobile.

To sum it all, if you are looking for an ultra-portable wired speaker that you can bring wherever you go then you can't go wrong with this unit but prepare to shell out extra dough. The treble and bass can be enjoyed fully when you are within 2 meter from the speaker. If you need extra boom then you can connect another speaker to this unit.

it comes with micro USB charger cable

with my ever durable Walkman

I've been enjoying this speaker for three days straight; its rechargeable battery still has some juice left. I am presently draining its battery so I could charge it through USB. I love its shock-proof rubbery (silicon) sleeve as well. The only drawback is the six inches cable thus you need to place it near your sound source or buy an extension cable. To add, its power button was initially confusing, when pressed the power goes off.

My kids were able to find creative ways to enjoy this speaker as well. They can now listen to their MP3 selections while travelling since my car's HU doesn't have any USB port while my wife plans to use it on our incoming bazaar at Miriam College.

As expected, the speaker is made in China but marketed from Hong Kong. Though made in China, knowing the quality of products beings sold at Dubai Duty Free, I know that my portable speaker will endure the rigors of travelling and abuse. Anyway, I can always return it back for warranty repair in case it fails within one year according to the sales staff.

September 10

While strolling at SM North EDSA department store I saw the same speaker for 1,290 pesos. Dubai Duty Free price is cheaper by at least a hundred pesos.

While using this speaker I noticed that when the battery starts to run-out of juice the volume would start to decrease its level.

Furthermore, the main drawback when you connect this tiny speaker to your laptop is the uneven stereo sound. If you are used in listening a balance left and right audio on your laptop then you will notice immediately that the sound is either coming from your left or right side depending on the location of this speaker.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed using this speaker whenever I am working or repairing something at home. I would simply connect it to my MP4 SONY Walkman and put them inside my short's pocket and behold I have my favorite MP3 selections playing wherever I go. Sometimes my wife would tease me since she could even hear my music playing while I am inside our toilet, LOL.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post but merely an actual experience of a Dad.

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