Friday, September 12, 2014

Eat like a Viking at SM City North EDSA

With picky eater kids, it was always a battle of will before we end up having our weekly family day lunch or dinner in our favorite dining places such as Mezzanorte, Man Hann, The President's Tea House, Barrio Fiesta and so on.

However, after availing the weekday lunch promo of Vikings at SM City Marikina in May 2014, we developed a special attachment to Vikings Luxury Buffet. See: How did I enjoy my lunch at Vikings SM City, Marikina Hence another graduation weekday lunch promo within few days was availed but this time we tried Vikings at SM City North EDSA.

On my following vacation in July, I exchanged my BPI credit cards reward points into 2 Vikings gift certificates for weekend dinner. We trooped back again at Vikings SM City North EDSA.

Last month, the family had another weekend dinner at Vikings SM City North EDSA to celebrate our 22 years wedding anniversary.

Vikings survey

Having dined at Vikings SM City North EDSA on different occasions I could say that you get your money's worth during weekdays lunch for 688 pesos while I found it quite expensive to dine at Vikings during weekdays dinner or during weekend or holidays where you need to shell out 888 pesos. In addition, a 5% service charge will be added to the total bill.

Our tummy maintains its size regardless it is weekend or weekdays lunch/dinner; the amount of foods you gobbled would be the same whether you pay 688 or 888 pesos for an eat-all-you-can meal. Of course you have more choices at the carving station whenever you pay an additional of 200 pesos. Aside from that, the rest of the menus are almost identical.

Anyhow, it was absolutely enjoyable having freedom to choose the food you want to indulge though sometimes a queue develops especially at the carving station and those itching for Oysters Rockefeller. The Japs corner also commands a queue from time to time; fortunately I am not a sushi/sashimi fan boy. Japs foods usually make me feel bloated except everybody's favorite Shrimp Tempura.

those with reservation numbers are being called first before the walk-ins; we were no 11 

walk-ins waiting outside for available table

notice the walk-in queue even after we have finished our dinner

If you plan to visit any Vikings outlet especially during weekend and holidays then it is advisable to book or reserve your seat at least few days before. In all our visits to Vikings, my daughter would simply reserve through their FB page. The reservation procedure was relatively simple. In doing so, you will be assured that a table will be waiting for you until one hour after opening time. Failure to appear within this time frame, your reservation will be allocated to walk-ins. And at Vikings SM City North EDSA, trust me, they don't run-out of walk-ins.

A tip from a Dad, in case you are not able to reserve a table for dinner during weekend/holiday then try to walk-in during lunch time and chances are they will be fully booked for lunch thus they will try to give you a reservation number or worst case a walk-in's high priority number for dinner.

for 688 pesos weekdays lunch you have two chunks of meat to select from at carving station

add 200 pesos more and you will have four selections of meat

I always enjoy their carving station; Angus Beef, Turkey and Lamb Leg never fail to amaze my taste buds. I am not a pork eater for personal reason thus I can't give any feedback about their roast pork which they offer if you are paying an 888 meal, LOL. In short, you'll find just two meaty chunks, usually beef and lamb, at their carving station for a 688 meal.

Drinks like beer and Milo are free-flowing. None of those glasses of iced tea and water waiting on your table like in other eat-all-you-can buffets.


fresh fruits station

dessert and bread corner

salad bar

grill station

make your own pizza and pasta station

My youngest kid was pretty creative; he enjoyed his designer pizza while my daughter who is always on diet looks forward to her favorite Yang Chow rice and fruits. Once Vikings played with their noodles menu my wife noticed it since she was a Pancit fangirl. My eldest prefers Jap foods while I settle for the meat at the carving station and some exotic foods like oysters, century egg, jelly fish and so on.

For a price of 688 pesos per head plus 5% tax, I would swear that my normal 8 plates meal was bang for the buck. However, raise that amount to 888 pesos plus 5% tax then I would personally prefer to indulge in our favorite Chinese restaurants but the family always outvoted me though.

If there is another thing that make me regret in paying 888 pesos is the feeling of being bloated after eating, LOL. It is normal for any hard working Dad to always take his money's worth thus I ended up taking-in more than my limit.

very creative wine rack

lovely and comfy dining sets

spacious dining area and extensive spreads

On the other hand, there is also another factor why I enjoy dining at Vikings; the ambiance is awesome regardless you have reserve seat or as walk-in. You have that feeling of fine dining in a classy hotel. Considering this, I hate to admit that I have to close my eyes on those occasions where I have to shell out an extra 200 pesos per head just to eat like a Viking at SM North EDSA.

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