Wednesday, November 5, 2014

World Puppet Carnival at Sanam Luang Park

makeshift stages at Sanam Luang Park
While strolling at Sanam Luang Park this morning I noticed several makeshift stages with monoblock chairs. I have realized that there is an on-going world puppet carnival in Bangkok City from 1st to 10th of November. The celebration for this year is entitled Harmony World Puppet Carnival. Puppeteers from 80 countries are performing at different venues daily in Bangkok City including at Sanam Luang Park. Admission is free. For more details see:

Thus, from my hotel at Tanee Road near Khao San Road, I hiked towards Sanam Luang Park at around 4 pm to catch today's performance. I reached the place in less than 15 minutes; the show was about to start.

At the center stage, Thailand puppeteers and artists started their exploit while at the other stage the other groups were also performing at the same time. I spent around 30 minutes watching the Thai group before I transferred to the other stage.

All in all, the performances of these puppeteers were very entertaining though it lacked a proper podium. The effects could have been more spectacular if the area is close and proper lighting have been employed.

Anyway here are some shots for today's performance:

today's schedule

Thai group

Thai group

Thai group

battle of small and big puppets

From UK

Puppet painting a portrait

From New Zealand

Dancing Puppets

From Turkey

Puppet doing magic

Flying Trapeze

From Russia

Fighting Puppets

I believe this guy is also from Russia

I was amazed on the talents and creativity of these puppeteers and artists. It was a regret that I missed the previous performances of other groups since I have been dilly dallying at Khao San Road since November 1. Nevertheless, I still have several days left to enjoy the performances of the other groups.

06 November

More puppets show

A love story

From Canada

Dancing double-faced puppet

From Turkey

I am so glad they repeat this performance from UK

Narrating an Iranian hero/puppet love story

With help from children the hero beat the giant puppet

I really love this show. More! More!

There was a drizzle the following day thus the show started at almost 7 pm. Nevertheless it was another great performance from Armenia and a local Thai group.

aside from the usual puppets these performers sang and narrated an eco-friendly story

from Armenia

another local performance

Thai artists and puppeteers

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