Thursday, December 25, 2014

50's Diner at Military Cut Off Road, Baguio City sucks!

I couldn't wait to spew out our unfortunate dining experience at 50's Diner.

At around past 5 pm today we decided to have our dinner at their branch along Military Cutoff Road near Kennon Road. I ordered my favorite Mix Seafood while my wife asked for Guys on the Hood. Our three kids requested for two Cheeseburgers and a Club sandwich. All of us chose ice cream shakes for our drinks.

My family and I had a memorable dining experience at their original branch at General Luna Road a few years back thus we opted to have our Christmas dinner at their branch near Kennon Road to avoid the horrendous traffic near the city proper.

I was initially impressed due to quick preparation of our orders. Within 20 minutes our food and drinks were served.

Do you find this Club Sandwich yummy or annoying to eat?

We were aghast upon seeing the Club Sandwich. It was massive; the slices of bread were more than an inch thick each. The plate could barely contains the whole sandwich. More so, the chicken cubes used for the chicken spread were huge as well while the scrambled egg and bacons were stale; even the breads were cold though there were grill marks on them. Instead of enjoying his food my youngest son was annoyed and settled for fries instead.

Guys on the Hood - looks nice but..

My wife was also dissatisfied with her order. The spaghetti was super sweet while the slice of pizza turned out to be an ordinary sliced bread with pizza topping. The grilled porkchop was cold and rubbery too.

Huge cold burgers on stale bread

My eldest son and daughter who asked for cheeseburgers were equally disappointed. Aside from the cold burger patty the buns were of poor quality and possibly have been exposed for hours.

Imagine dining on grilled and fried cold seafoods

My Mix Seafood, as expected was cold and came with plain soy sauce. Nothing especial unlike the one I got from their main branch a few years back.

It seemed all our orders have been prepared hastily hours before they were served to us.

In fairness, I loved their 50's deco and set-up. If you have been watching "The Supernatural" TV series you will agree with me if I say this place looks familiar. Nevertheless, it was obvious that the staff were under immense pressure due to continuous arrival of tourists and customers.

Our bill reached 1,070 pesos. What a waste! We won't step foot at any 50's Diner in Baguio city anymore.

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