Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A pricey snack at Chocolate de Batirol at Camp John Hay

The whole family couldn't contain its excitement on our way to the famous Chocolate de Batirol coffee shop inside Camp John Hay, Baguio City. Actually, we planned to try this place several years back during our previous trip to Baguio City but unfortunately it was full at that time.

Last Christmas holiday, though the place as expected was full, we decided not to leave Baguio City without having a taste of their famous cocoa drink. There wasn't any available parking slot as well so we were forced to park at nearby Mile Hi Inn and strolled back to Chocolate de Batirol passing through Baguio's golf course.

We were seventh in queue hence while waiting for our table we have noticed and enjoyed the stunning outdoor scenery of the coffee shop. Aside from the tables inside the hut you can also dine alfresco outside. The entire place looked like a huge garden with a hut hidden at the middle.

It took almost an hour before we had our table. The interior was nice and cozy too. Interestingly, a trio was performing inside as early as 5 pm; they even invited guests to jam with them. The place offers great ambiance for weary travelers and visitors.

We asked for their traditional blend since they ran out of iced frappe which the kids initially chose. There were few snack selections and it took a while before our orders were served. By the way, don't expect the waiter to take your order; the place is "pay as you order" at the counter.

The traditional blends were perfect for me and my two sons while the wife and daughter found them quite bitter. Sad to say, they have ran out of Suman sa Lihia, my wife's favorite thus we ended up with 2 bibingka and 2 sets of turons aside from 5 hot drinks. There is nothing exceptional actually regarding the turons and bibingkas although they taste good.

Aside from traditional snacks the place also offers local cuisine such as Dinuguan, Sisig, Caldereta among others. A cup of traditional blend costs 95 pesos while one order of turon is 85 pesos; there are 3 pieces per order. The big bibingka is worth 105 pesos. However, the cashier charged me 900 pesos or 45 pesos more than the total price. I don't think they have service charge. Even so, I have to admit that their price range is comparable with Starbucks.

In sum, if you are on budget then I suggest avoid this place otherwise prepare to enjoy Baguio's cool atmosphere while savoring your delicious and pricey snack.

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