Monday, July 6, 2015

Dad's Review - Beware of Facebook phishing scam!

An hour ago I received this email. I was curious at first since it would be really frustrating to have your FB account blocked due to unusual activity.

However, knowing that I am using a very strong password and haven't used a public PC at any Internet cafe for the longest time something triggers at the back of my mind.

Hence, I checked the email address of the sender and noticed that it didn't come from any Facebook account.

I clicked the "Facebook" link it asked me to visit; the website was unfamiliar. Moreover, it asked not only my FB account log in details but my date of birth as well.

Long story short, I moved the mail into my spam folder.

This is the email I received.

Sender's email address

This site is asking for my details

Be careful in divulging any of your personal or log-in details since you might end up losing control of your account.

I have checked my previous FB correspondence in my personal email and realized that FB always uses its account in communicating to its clients and members.

So to all Dads and non - Dads out there, you have been forewarned.

Update as of July 8:

This time around, this email went directly to my spam folder. After checking the sender's address I noticed that it came from the same site.

I emptied my spam folder.

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