Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Beware of AFFIN Phishing Scam!

For the past several days my personal emails have been bombarded by "ACCESS LOCK" email from AFFIN. Sometimes it goes through the filter and landed in my Inbox but most of the times they ended up inside my SPAM folder.

After googling AFFIN, it seems it is a legal entity involves in online banking. I didn't bother to expound my investigation because the AFFIN emails that I have been receiving come from completely different website.

Anyway, I just want to remind my readers, be careful about these emails. They will inform you that you will be denied access to your account and to avoid this you will be asked to connect to a certain site to prevent your account from being locked. This site will ask for your username, password and other personal details. Once you divulge your these things you may as well say goodbye to your money.

I have attached the snap shots below.

all are AFFIN emails

sender is not from AFFIN

never click the encircled link!

Here are my tips when you receive "ACCESS LOCK" emails:

1. Check the sender's email address. If it comes from a doubtful source then ignore it or much better drag it to your spam folder.
2. Never click any link or shortcut.
3. Never divulge your online access/user name and password through online correspondence. The worst thing that might happen to you if you don't entertain this "ACCESS LOCK" emails is denial of access to your online account but your money will remain intact. You can always re-activate your online access through proper channel.
3. Always remember that legal entities always use their company letterhead and logo aside from its official website when dealing with their clients. Do you notice how simple the emails above?
4. Remember the golden rule, if you are in doubt ask or confirm.

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