Monday, September 14, 2015

Ten Stars Inn, Pratunam, Bangkok City

This bang for the buck hotel is conveniently located within Pratunam area. Like many other hotels in the area, it offers complimentary breakfast, free WIFI and basic amenities. What makes this hotel stand out from the rest is the electronic safe/vault inside the room and my Cafe; an affordable and cozy bar/restaurant at the entrance where you can order the best Chicken Steak in Pratunam.

my Cafe at the entrance

my Cafe's affordable menu

The price range per night is around 33 to 35 USD inclusive of breakfast and WIFI for a double occupancy. Be aware though that you need to request the WIFI's password from the reception every day.

lobby and reception area

There is a small massage area beside the elevator at the ground floor while a tour desk is strategically placed near the reception area. There is a small elevator serving the entire hotel thus we were forced to use the stair one time due to maintenance jobs being done.

In addition, the staffs are courteous and polite. No worries since they can communicate in English and were very helpful especially if you have plenty of luggages.

breakfast buffet table

Breakfast is tailored mainly for Asians; noodles, sausages, chicken and vegetable viands and rice are always on buffet table aside from the usual bread, butter and jam.

We have stayed in this hotel probably four times; the last time we stayed in their Deluxe Suite that can accommodate three people. Our daughter was with us and it was cheaper than booking two separate rooms.

Deluxe beds, one double and one single

an old-school TV and micro frdige

Would you believe that Millenium Hotel in Dubai is also using the same kind of electronic safe/vault?

The bedding is acceptable while all their rooms are quite spacious. The T & B has no wow factor but fairly clean. Strong hot water is available in all the rooms while complimentary bottled waters are replenished daily. If you plan to bring your room key when leaving the hotel then chances are your room won't be visited by housekeeping staff. In this case you need to inform the reception beforehand  that your room need tidying up before you leave the hotel.

Surprisingly, this budget hotel offers room service but don't bother with their cable TV; even the cartoon or anime channels were dubbed in local language, fortunately, my daughter was elated to find a K-Pop channel.

In front of this hotel is Stan Exchange, trust me it has a very competitive rate for both US dollars and Philippines Peso in that area aside from being far from preying eyes of unscrupulous individuals.

From here, you can access Pratunam market in two ways; one is through the main road while the other access is through a drive way at nearby Benz House. As business persons, the wife and I felt relatively safe by changing our route from time to time to avoid being trailed by pickpockets and bag slashers in the area.

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