Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Longchamp bags for the wife

I have never been a lady's bag fan boy ever since thus I was surprised when the wife asked for a Longchamp bag instead of the usual knick-knacks I used to bring her whenever I come back from work; I was about to leave for my new job in Africa at that time.

Initially, I was at lost when I saw the bag she wanted; she had some pictures downloaded from the net. The handle was relatively huge compared to the actual bag; I didn't know it was designed like that for ease of storing. Fortunately the wife was too eager to bust my first impression and after a bit of explanation with some visual aids the bag was amazingly converted into a larger travelling bag once you unfolded it. The presentation was too impressive hence; I had no option but to search for that magical bag.

Long handle medium size Le Pliage

She specifically asked for Le Pliage with long handle but medium size nylon material. Since I had a couple of hours before my flight at NAIA Terminal 1, I searched for Longchamp Le Pliage. That model costs 125 $, if I am not mistaken. Upon learning the price, she told me not to buy at Terminal 1 duty free when I come back for my vacation. We agreed to check the same bag at Fiesta Duty Free Mall at Paranaque City upon my return.

Long story short, upon my return we drove to Fiesta Mall and found the same bag on sale, navy blue color for 90 $. However, without my wife's knowledge, while still in Africa I asked my Algerian colleague to buy the same bag but color black at Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris during his layover. I have assumed that it would be cheaper there because Longchamp is made in France.

The wife was elated with her new bag. As expected, when the wife is happy the whole family is happy as well.

Longchamp bags at HKIA

After a few weeks of vacation I was roaring to go back to my work in Africa, my company booked my flight via Hong Kong. Out of curiosity and nothing to do during my 4 hours layover at Hong Kong airport I decided to check Longchamp bags. The same (medium) model costs 700 HKD or around 92 $. The bag was a bit cheaper at Fiesta Mall after all.

Upon arrival at the job site, my Algerian colleague handed me a black medium size with long handle Le Pliage bag. The receipt showed 73 Euro or 83 $; Longchamp is quite cheap if you buy it from France.

A few days from now I will be going back to Philippines for my monthly vacation with another Longchamp for the wife. I am sure I will have another nice and memorable vacation.

So what are you waiting for guys? Longchamp is relatively cheaper than other ladies fashion accessories.

Update: 25 June 2016

My daughter requested for a Maroon color Longchamp Le Pliage bag. Since I wasn't able to pass at Hong Kong airport I decided to bring the family at Fiesta Mall Duty Free. Unfortunately or should I say fortunately, large size wasn't available so my daughter went home empty handed. By the way, the price of Le Pliage at Fiesta Mall is now 115 $. I thought I was able to save money but I was wrong. Since we would be travelling to Bangkok in July for our online shop, without my knowledge my wife promised my daughter that she could buy her bag at Suvarnabhumi Airport. Again, I was outvoted by the ladies. I just hope that it would be cheaper in Bangkok.

Update: July 2016

Longchamp store at Bangkok's Duty Free

My daughter didn't buy Longchamp from Bangkok Airport Duty Free. It costs 125 $, more expensive that in Fiesta Mall. She ended up with peach color Lacoste bag worth 105 $.

Update: September 2017

We spent more than a week in Paris and as expected the wife window shopped for bags. At Galeries Lafayette, the same Le Pliage bag costs 70 Euro (84 $). The wife bought Neo for 105 Euro (125 $). It means, Longchamp bag is indeed cheaper in France.


I learned from the wife that Longchamp bags are manufactured in China; in the same way that Coach bags are produced in the Philippines. Hence; if you see it with "Made in France" label being sold in Philippines then that bag is fake. Ladies things are truly some of the wonders of our new world.


  1. Le pliage used to be made in france and some still are. Please dont based on where the bag is made from to determine the bag authenticity theres more things to watch for such as zipper and logo print etc

  2. I agree with you. I made that statement because many online shops in Philippines are attesting that their cheap Longchamp bags are made in France to dupe online shoppers. It is obvious that you won't be able to check the zipper, logo print if you buy it online. More so, a "Made in France" Le Pliage that cost around 50 $ in Philippines is definitely fake, isn't it?

  3. This was helpful! Would you know how much it costs in Changi Airport duty free?