Saturday, December 26, 2015

One of Baguio City's Hidden Gems - Good Taste Cafe & Restaurant

If you are in a budget and looking for a decent place to eat in Baguio then Good Taste is the perfect place for you or your group.

It is located beside Burnham Park near Kisad road. Just ask around or use Google map to locate the place. Don't be confuse with another "New Good Taste" restaurant appearing on the map beside it since it pertains to the same place. Enter through the original Good Taste entrance.

It is preferable to visit the place earlier to avoid the crowds. During peak hours the queue could extends up to the main street and sometimes waiting time can reach up to an hour; you've been forewarned.

Though the place is very popular in Baguio Ciry don't expect something fancy or any wow factor once inside. It is like a typical Chinese restaurant in Binondo but in larger scale.

What makes this place a stand out is the affordability of its menu. Trust me, five of us have eaten to the fullest without our bill reaching a thousand pesos. In addition, the servings are quite huge compared to Manila based Chinese restaurants.

Aside from the menu items, they also have pastries, sweet and cakes inside. As expected, their prices are also affordable. 

We arrived at past 5 pm for our dinner; the place wasn't jam-packed yet but after an hour we noticed that all the tables have been occupied by patrons while the queue outside has gotten a bit longer. Our orders arrived after 15 minutes.

Regarding the food, the taste was not a let down nor exemplary. Our sweet & sour fish fillet was cold but compensated by warm and tasty Pansit Miki Bihon. For the rest of our orders, arguably, I can cook better Fried Chicken and Chicken Curry. Even so, the cold Baguio weather has made our tummies growl in anticipation of our orders.

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To sum it all, the whole family was elated since our bill was less than a thousand pesos, inclusive of drinks; we still have budget for midnight snacks and a few cans of beer. Woohoo!

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