Saturday, April 2, 2016

Geno's Ice Cream of Bataan

Upon learning that some of her favorite local celebrities were patrons of this local ice cream, my wife was hell-bent in buying at least a gallon of the said ice cream during our recent Holy Week Bataan Road Trip. Hence, on our last day before checking out from our hotel, we drove to Balanga City Public Market; upon hearing public market the kids opted to stay in the hotel. Our car's navigator was a great help in locating the market but searching for Geno's Ice Cream was even easier. Any locals or shop owners at Balanga Public Market can give you the exact location of Geno's Ice Cream shop. It is located along the side street on the right side of the public market when you enter the main/entrance road.

What triggered my curiosity about this ice cream was the owner's claim that it won't melt for at least 7 hours according to my wife; she did her own research by the way.

Geno's store at Balanga City Public market; sorry about the wife, she's camera shy

Different flavors

In no time at all we found the shop and paid 480 pesos for a gallon of Ube flavored ice cream tucked inside the styropor box plus 5 pesos for the big plastic bag. If you have an old Geno's styropor box you'll get 20 pesos discount. Though only Ube (Purple Yam) and Gabi (Taro) flavors were available at that time there was a queue of fellow travelers purchasing the ice cream in styropor packaging to prevent it from getting melted during the trip.

Carrying the ice cream to where our car was parked was no easy task. I kept on wondering why a gallon of ice cream could weigh at least 5 kg. Even my wife was surprised when she tried lifting the plastic bag. We bought the ice cream at around 9:30 am.

We checked out from the hotel and took our lunch at Balanga City before heading home. We reached our house in San Mateo, Rizal at almost 3 pm. At exactly 4 pm we opened the ice cream for our afternoon snack.

Upon opening the styropor box, immediately I noticed that the box was full of ice and rock salts. There was no magic or especial formula at all, LOL. That was the reason why it was heavy and stayed frozen even after 7 hours.

Admittedly, the taste is at par with branded ice cream if not better. I can attest that bits of Ube make this ice cream tastier. Again, according to the wife, they don't use preservatives and fatty ingredients in producing Geno's ice cream, unlike some commercial brands. Having heard this, I devoured two cups, straight. At my age, I am not an ice cream fan boy because I need to maintain my Dad bod. Another trivia from the wife, the ice cream was named after the owner's nephew.

Geno's ice cream main store is located at Orani, Bataan. We were fortunate that they have an outlet at Balanga City, Bataan.

We are planning to spend a night at Anvaya Cove in Morong, Bataan next month. If we have time, we'll have another gallon of Geno's ice cream at their main store at Orani, Bataan. This time we will try their Gabi flavored ice cream.


  1. Just a bit of correction. GENO is the owner's grandchild,his name was taken from the owner's husband which is Eugenio... thank you for writing about Genos Ice Cream..

  2. Do you have their no. Am also an avid genos ice cream b4 am buying it at pasalubong store at katipunan near labor hosp.but the store was closed

    1. Sorry I don't have their contact numbers.

    2. How much for a gallon?

  3. wow pagkasap nman eh, mg franchise nga po aq kung ok lng,