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Dad's Review - Krazykyle's Kahoy World Furniture ATBP

Latest project (April 2018) from Kahoy World:

In April this year, I ordered another set of cabinets from Kahoy World for our house in San Mateo, Rizal. They were able to deliver my cabinets on time.

Since the wife and I were also leaving for Europe on the day of delivery I asked my youngest son to oversee the installation and finishing since they delivered the cabinets disassembled.

We were confident in leaving our house with Kahoy World staff working in our rooms. I knew the company staff can be trusted especially the owner, Krazykyle, who is also a fellow (vintage) toy collector.

Unfortunately, they didn't bring an important part of the cabinet; I don't know its name but it is used as railing for the glass mounted sliding doors. Luckily, SM City San Mateo is just a block away from our house so they were able to complete the assembly and installation. Unlike the previous set of furnitures they installed in my kids' condo unit, this time they did a good job in finishing touches. Or maybe because I paid extra for "Duco Finish?"

At any rate, I am really satisfied with the workmanship. Aside from that, their price remains competitive when compared to other cabinet contractors.

Our new cabinet in master bedroom

The wife loves this full body size mirror

New cabinet for my youngest son's room

I paid extra for the full body size mirror, the heavy duty rail for the sliding doors where the mirrors are attached and for "Duco" finish.

We have been using these cabinets for several months and the only problem we encountered was the lack of handle for the sliding doors. I admit it was a lapse on my part since I didn't include those handles on my design. I'll just install them myself on my next vacation.


We recently bought a studio type condo unit where our kids would stay during weekdays since our house was quite far from their schools.

We asked quotation from several contractors for the following furniture:

- One piece double bed with 3 drawer at the bottom - 36 x 75 inches size (Tanguile wood)
- One piece single bed - 36 x 75 inches size (Tanguile wood)
- One piece step drawers as access to the upper bed of the double bed
- One piece kitchen cabinet - 20 x 70 x 14 inches size
- One piece TV cabinet - 30 x 50 x 8 inches size
- One piece 3-door double deck wardrobe with mirror on the center - 45 x 72 inches size

I asked my previous contractor who fabricated and installed my bar and cabinet at home for a quotation. I got around 127,000 pesos for the above furniture. They would use laminated board for the cabinets.

Another contractor who has several projects in the same building where our condo unit is located also submitted a quotation. His project price was way too high for our budget though I must admit that their workmanship was indeed a cut above the rest after seeing some of their completed projects. However, all fabrication jobs would be done inside our unit thus we also need to pay for the cost of re-painting. The project cost was 145,000 pesos.

Fortunately, my wife stumbled on Kahoy World FB page. Sometimes we need to trust our wives' instinct when it comes on ways to save money.

Long story short, for our requirements, Kahoy World was able to lower the project cost to 67,500 pesos, inclusive of delivery and installation. Marine board would be used for all cabinets while lead time was 45 days. A single visit to their shop at Boni, Mandaluyong sealed our contract with follow-up on FB messenger only. They asked for 50% down payment and the balance to be paid after inspection of the furniture before delivery.

Later on, we added the following:

- One set of dining table with 2 chairs - price was 5,500 pesos
- One piece toilet cabinet - price was 8,500 pesos
- One piece wall mounted study table with mirror - price was 5,800 pesos

The grand total of our project with Kahoy World reached 88,550 pesos, still way below the quotation of the other two contractors.

The quality of the job was fairly acceptable. All our drawings and measurement were followed except the TV cabinet. There was a miscommunication regarding the thickness, instead of 8 inches they made it 20 inches. Fortunately, they fabricated another cabinet as per our requirement without any extra charge.

However, from the day we made our initial down payment they exceeded their 45 days lead time by one week. Not a big deal since we also added several items along the way.

One major setback was the installation, they delivered our furniture in batches and always in the afternoon thus we ended up working a couple of hours only since we were not allowed to work after 5PM in our condo building. Anyway, they send their team the following day to continue the installation. The finishing touches were done haphazardly. Tiny bubbles can be noticed on the finishing paint job while some of the paint finishes were rough like the ward robe doors. I assumed that they would put some plastering material since they brought some but their staff were always in a hurry to go home.

At the end of the day, I can still say that Kahoy World is a better alternative if you have tight budget. The workmanship and quality of the job is quite good considering their affordable price. You can even select from the pictures of their previous projects.

If you have been watching the defunct Kris TV, Kahoy World was featured on one of their episodes according to the wife.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post but merely an actual experience of a Dad.

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