Monday, October 24, 2016

Anvaya Cove - Morong, Bataan

Anvaya Cove is exclusive for members only but they can endorse or accompany their guests. In our case, a unit owner of Sea Breeze Veranda which we rented through Airbnb has endorsed us. Our name has been included on the daily visitors' list at the main entrance; a security pass was issued to us upon entry. Don't lose this pass since you have to surrender it to the reception area at the Beach and Nature Club during check-in.

Beach and Nature Club

The famous wooden walkway

Regardless whether you are in day tour or you have rented your own place inside, the first place that you need to visit is the reception or receiving area of Beach and Nature Club. To enjoy its facilities, you need to pay 400 pesos per person in which 250 pesos is consumable.

The most popular area in Anvaya Cove for selfies is the wooden walkway which is just beside the receiving area.

The "credit card"

Lower your expectation about the beach front. Though it’s spacious the sands are not as white compared with other white beaches in the Philippines. The brackish sea water would disappoint any seasoned beach combers too. Anyway, it seems that beaches within Bataan and Zambales are not so blessed with pristine white beaches and crystal clear water unlike in Pagudpod, Quezon and Pangasinan to name a few.

The beach

The sunset

The beach front

Infinity pool

Nonetheless, the facilities are superb. The picturesque infinity pool is massive and perfect for night swimming, there is also lap pool for those who are in competitive mood. They have several bars and restaurants around but during peak season their Bamboo CafĂ© can easily run out of vacant table. We learned this on our first day so we trekked to Pawikan Grill for our lunch. Like any other service-oriented facilities, prepare for 10% service charge and VAT; you have been forewarned. Aside from this, expect a lengthy preparation of your meals which unfortunately won’t satisfy your inner foodie. I got a half-cooked fried chicken as dinner. The same with our complimentary breakfast; nothing especial. We have eaten better “Pinoy” breakfasts in other 3 star hotel and restaurant.

Inside the club house

Outside the club house

Pool and Bamboo Cafe

You can rent a towel for 50 pesos if I my memory serves me right. They have large shower areas for both male and female while wash/rinse areas are strategically located in some places. There are also plenty of interesting recreational facilities inside such as spa and game room but we had no time to explore them all. We opted to enjoy the sunset and had a night dip in the pool.

You don’t pay cash here; the reception staff upon check-in will furnish you a swipe card that you can use in all your payments. Settling of bills will be upon check-out, again from the reception area. Once all your bills have been settled then your security clearance form will be stamped and returned back; without this form the main entrance security won’t allow you to leave the place.

Admittedly, the place is perfect for family or group bonding. You’ll find the place enjoyable since there are no large maddening crowds like in other famous beaches. The place being secured is another contributing factor.

Anvaya Cove is situated in Morong, Bataan fronting West Philippines Sea. If you are coming from SCTEx it is preferable to pass at Olongapo City if you want to avoid the zig zag roads of Mount Samal and traffic in Balanga. You can even enjoy duty free shopping on your way back home. Total travel time from Manila is around 3 hours.

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