Saturday, July 22, 2017

We go Foodie on Happy Stripes' 5th Annivesary

Admittedly, another dull year has passed for Happy Stripes.

My daughter who has completed her second year in Med school has been quite busy thus limiting her time and energy for her baby, Happy Stripes.

Because of that, during her vacation break we flew to Bangkok to replenish our stocks. Hence, this month of July, as we celebrate Happy Stripes’ fifth year of existence, you’d be seeing new collections in HS Facebook & Instagram accounts.

Sales has started to pick up not only from our old patrons but to new clients as well.

As expected, Happy Stripes’ collections are limited quantity for each model. So, aside from being affordable, you can be sure of wearing a quality and trendy dress with a sense of exclusivity.

To celebrate HS fifth anniversary, we’ll give you foodie tips on what to devour in case you’ll step foot in Bangkok. Don’t ever leave Bangkok without savouring the following:

1. Pad Thai - Chicken, seafood or pork. Always order this with egg. Don't forget to add ground peanuts, sugar and vinegar.
2. Chicken Fried Rice - Thai fried rice is yummy due to rice itself.
3. Chicken with Holy Basil - A spicy viand best eaten with plain rice. No idea why they call it holy, lol.

Don't forget Tom Yup soup. It is like a sweetened sinigang

My two sons were not able to come with us in Bangkok, unfortunately. However, we have something for them so they'd enjoy their favorite Thai foods too.

Authentic Thai food mixes


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