Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Dad's Review - Paris Museum pass

Having no time to book online and collect Paris Museum Pass (PMP) from their airport and city outlets we opted to purchase it ourselves from Galeries Lafayette (GL) since we would be staying at Champs Elysees area. GL is just a couple of kilometres away from our hotel.

Hence, upon arrival at the hotel we trekked towards Galeries Lafayette. Unbeknownst to us, there are three Galleries Lafayette buildings within the area, one for men, the other is for women and the third if I am not mistaken is a general department store. Long story short, we got our PMP from the tourist information counter at Galeries Lafayette Men’s building for 96 Euro (2 sets). The pass contains flyers showing the list of places you can visit within the validity period.

For complete details visit PMP official website: parismuseumpass

PMP covers your entrance fee to many Museums and tourist sites in and out of Paris City. You can purchase a 2-day, 4-day or 6-day pass. Validity period commences on the day you start using your PMP; on your first visit to any of those accredited places, the staff would stamp at the back of your PMP the date of your visit; timer starts ticking.

Since our initial stay in Paris is good for 5 days only before traveling to Rome we decided that a 2 day pass would be enough for us.

We visited these places using PMP:
-          Louvre Museum
-      Orsay Museum
-          Notre Dame Church (but it was open for public on the day we visited it)
-          Sainte-Chapelle
-          Conciergerie
-          Arc de Triomphe
-          Chateau Versailles (Garden not included – extra fee of 8.50 Euro to enter the garden)

I can say that PMP is bang for the buck. Aside from huge savings you can also save time because your queue is different from the general admission though you still have to fall in line for security check. After security check, you proceed directly to “reserve” line or what they call as "skip the line." Sometimes they would require you to get an admission voucher from a "reserve line" counters. Just show your PMP and enjoy the site.

Because we want to maximise the benefit of PMP, the wife and I decided to pay a visit at Arc de Triomphe viewing deck instead of just strolling around the vicinity. Doing so I had a claustrophobic attack on our way to the viewing deck, thankfully the attack was manageable, LOL.

Read my experience at Arc de Triomphe

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