Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Why do you need pocket wifi in Japan?

Five reasons why I rented a pocket wifi in Japan.

1. You save on transportation cost.

I remember our trip to Paris last year, upon disembarking from Metro train we didn't know how to locate our hotel even with printed/saved maps on hand so we ended up taking a taxi and paying 10 Euro for a 3 minute, 2 block trip.

In our Osaka trip a few weeks back, our plane landed at around 8 PM. We reached the nearest subway station to our hotel at 10 PM. With the help of Google Maps it took us a couple of minutes to find our hotel. In addition, we have avoided several subways trips in Osaka City because we knew the exact location and how long it would take us to walk up to the place we were searching.

2. Most locals don't understand English.

In our previous trip to Tokyo several years back, it took us some time to locate Meiji Shrine because all the locals we had asked for direction didn't understand what we were saying tough they were obviously trying their best to assist us. The same thing in Paris.

3. You save time.

When the wife and daughter decided to shop at Shinsaibashi, my two sons and I opted to leave them and proceed to the nearest Mandarake Grand Chaos, a toy and hobby shop near that place. We found the Mandarake and everybody enjoyed shopping.

Also, while at Nippombashi, Osaka, the wife and daughter decided to wait in a coffee shop while the boys went toy hunting. We were able to communicate in real time; the ladies eventually followed us in "Animate" shop.

Without the pocket wifi, wherever one of us goes, the rest would follow especially if all of us are new in that place.

4. Real time communication to your home.

Aside from CCTV, I installed internet webcam in my house since only my in-laws are left behind whenever the family goes out of the country. Anytime we can check on them and have peace of mind while enjoying our trip.

Our kids were able to communicate as well to their friends in real time and post "ATM" photos on their Instagram and Facebook accounts.

5. Finally, you avoid upsetting the wife, lol.

In our previous trips, the wife couldn't avoid getting upset from time to time especially if we keep on losing our way to a certain tourist spot or going back to our hotel. One time while in Ho Chi Minh, it took us almost an hour locating the Reunification Palace and we couldn't find any taxi. The wife was furious since she was sweating really hard and her legs were sore.

My pocket wifi rented from Ninja Wifi

So, for the first time in our numerous out of the country trips, I rented a pocket wife upon arrival at Kansai Airport in Osaka. I found Ninja Wifi counter at the arrival area and purchased a 7 day package for 7 GB.

For LTE the price is 900 Yen daily for unlimited data while for 3G the price is 700 Yen daily for a maximum of 7 GB data. Aside from that I paid another 200 Yen daily for the unit insurance. By the way, don't forget to bring power bank too.

Later on, I learned that it was a bit pricey since our hotel in Osaka offers 500 Yen daily for pocket wife.

Anyway, if you have time, you can always search for a better price among the pocket wifi counters at the arrival area in any airports in Japan.

At the end, I can say that our recent trip to Osaka was flawless due to pocket wifi.

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