Saturday, March 17, 2018

Karaksa Hotel Shinsaibashi 1 - Osaka City

If you are searching for bang for the buck hotel in Osaka then I highly recommend Karaksa Hotel Shinsaibashi 1.

To make it simple I'd just enumerate the reasons why we chose this hotel:

1. First reason is the "The Filipino Channel" (TFC). In our previous trips abroad, this is the first time we have stayed in a hotel with TFC. This is one of the main reasons why the wife, an avid "Teleserye" fan, selected this hotel among other hotels in Osaka. We learned later that Karaksa Hotel is affiliated with our Go Hotels in Philippines.

2. Free shuttle bus to and from Kansai Airport. Obviously there is no need to explain the convenience of having your private transport awaiting for you outside the airport or hotel; you have to coordinate with the reception if you want to avail this service.

3. Convenience stores and authentic Japanese restaurants abound in the area. In fact we had enjoyed Tempuras and Ramens several times in these restaurants. By the way, there is also a Mc Donald's in the area.

4. Hotel's location is a few hundred meters away from a Metro Station giving you a pleasant experience to stroll back to the hotel at night time.

5. Aside from western breakfast you can also enjoy authentic Japanese breakfast buffet in their restaurant; we learned that Japanese love sticky rice.

6. Plenty of vending machines inside the hotel including beers, cup noodles and snacks.

7. Drop coins massage chairs at the lounge area in second floor.

8. You can have snacks and meals in the lounge area anytime since it is open 24 hours. Aside from microwave and vending machines, utensils and hot/cold water are readily available.

9. Laid back atmosphere. What is more enticing for a tourist after a whole day of sightseeing than to have a nice, comfy and restful sleep? The hotel is located in a residential area thus assuring its guests of quiet atmosphere during night time.

10. Last but not the least is the hotel's staff. Though we know that Japanese are normally polite and courteous people you can still feel their warm accommodation and hospitality they show to their guests. We wouldn't forget the time we left Karaksa Hotel; their staff bowed to us when our bus was about to leave for the airport.

According to the wife but not a big deal for me, the main drawback aside from lack of wardrobe cabinet, was the separate bathroom and toilet.

As expected, strong wifi signal in the room; you can also rent a pocket wifi from the reception. Rental fee is a lot cheaper compared with packaged pocket wifi in the airport.

Sorry, no walk-in cabinet

Small room

The Lounge

Vending Machines in the Lounge area



We stayed for 5 nights and occupied two rooms, one double and one triple.

You can take toiletry items such as shower cap and razors from a cabinet drawer in the reception area.

Separate Toilet

Hidden Bathroom

If you intend to avail the free shuttle to the airport you have to reserve your seat at least one day before your departure.

They asked us to choose between two types of daily housekeeping. The first one is green type housekeeping where we can have free bottled water but towels and pajamas would not be replaced daily. The second one is the normal type which replaces the towels and pajamas daily but no free bottled water. We chose the normal type housekeeping.


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