Friday, August 17, 2018

Umeda Sky BUilding, Osaka City

Going to Umeda Sky Tower observatory is quite confusing though locating the actual building is pretty easy since it is near Osaka and Umeda Stations.

On our last day in Osaka, we raced to Umeda Tower and waited for it to open.

Upon locating the actual towers, we proceeded to third floor by elevator then walk across to the opposite building then take another elevator up to 39th floor where we purchased the entrance ticket.

After paying 1500 Yen entrance fee you need to take a "sky tube escalator" to reach the observatory. On your way to the top, the geometric pattern of the escalator is simply impressive.

sky tube escalator

love locks

couple's chair

To be honest, the view from the top is not that stunning compared with other towers I have visited but offers the best view of Osaka City.

Surprisingly, they allow love locks in one part of the deck; it even has a couple’s chair, lol.

Since we were early birds, we had great opportunity to enjoy the view and the entire observatory. It was a perfect time for selfies.

On our way down, we used another sky tube escalator and bought souvenirs at the shop. There is also a café/restaurant just below the observatory.

Arguably, I don’t think you need to prioritize this place over other historical places in Osaka; we just came here to spend our remaining free time before checking out from our hotel. However, if you have spare time to spend then it’s worth visiting this place.

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