Tuesday, November 27, 2018

St. Vitus Cathedral and Prague Castle

First things first - St. Vitus Cathedral is located inside Prague Castle and this is the most visited tourist attractions in Prague.

Prague Castle looks modern in contrast with the Gothic style cathedral; for some visitors, the cathedral could be the main attraction in this place. My wife and I initially had the same impression. Don’t get me wrong, St. Vitus Cathedral is a magnificent place of worship. In fact, we stayed inside for some time to appreciate and adore those religious ornaments, artefacts and stained glass windows. But coming from Philippines where we have many gothic style churches my expectation is not that high.

We availed the complete tour package - without tour guide - from the business office. After payment, we received a map that shows the different locations that are open for visitors. Actually, we were early so we waited for almost an hour before the business office opens; thus we had ample time to explore the open areas without the perennial crowds.

The castle complex opens at 6 AM but the historical buildings open a couple of hours later.

Though the castle seems modern from outside it was completely different when you explore the entire place.

Part of the castle

The cathedral at the back

The Cathedral

Inside the cathedral
It looks like this is entirely made of silver

Stained glass

Pre-nup shots in front of the cathedral

St. George's Basilica


Those small houses are like museum inside
Preserved rooms that serve as museum
At the Soutern part of the castle complex is a massive garden overlooking the city

Prague City

It was our first time to see so much medieval armours and weaponries in one place. It was like those worn by knights fighting dragons in movies. Aside from that we were able to see the different medieval torture equipment.

One of the perks of being an "early bird"

Torture equipment

"Wishing Toilet"

There is a peculiar place that used to be a medieval toilet. But due to coins thrown by visitors the toilet now looks like a wishing fountain, lol. Unfortunately, vandalism is also present here.

We visited this place by Tram. It was pretty easy to locate this place since the castle is on top of the hill overlooking the city. We were early birds so we took the opportunity to fully enjoy the place minus the crowds.

If you are in Prague, you must visit this place otherwise you lose half of your life, haha.


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