Wednesday, January 16, 2019

The Old Town of Prague

Visiting Prague City never crossed my mind until my Romanian work colleague in Africa mentioned to me that it was included in his bucket list during our conversation regarding the places we have visited. It made me wonder why a European guy would dream of visiting another less-known European city. I can understand if he says Paris or Rome, but why Prague?

Then one time while we were at work I asked him about Prague. He started narrating about its old town which was never damaged during Second World War unlike other European cities. The town's medieval structures especially The "Old Town Hall," the "Astronomical Clock," and St. Charles Bridge have been preserved for several centuries. He triggered my explorer instinct so I started googling about the "old town of Prague."

Long story short, the wife and I spent several days in "Old Town" of Prague City during our recent second European trip.

Tough I have been in several famous cities in Europe I could say that Prague City has its own charm. Now I understand why my colleague was hell-bent in visiting this place. Sadly, he left our company; I think I have visited this place ahead of him. Hence, I am truly thankful that he had mentioned this magnificent place to me.

Trams of Prague City

You can easily explore Prague City by Trams; it is a small place with an overlooking hill where you'd find Prague Castle. You can visit many of its tourist spots either by Trams or foot. Fortunately, my wife was able to book our room at the outskirts of the "Old Town Square" so it was pretty easy for us to explore the area. Our hotel is 5 minute walk to the square where you'll also find the "Old Town Hall" and the "Astronomical Clock."

Vintage cars

The place is like a scene in medieval movies

The "Astronomical Clock" behind is under renovation

Free Hugs

There are plenty of Al-Fresco restaurant at the main square while some of them have dining area in the cellar. Several horse drawn classy carriages are parked along its main road waiting for passengers. In case you want to explore the place in style you can hire vintage cars with driver. From this point, the "Old Jewish Town" is just a few blocks away while the famous St. Charles Bridge is also walkable.

Trdelnik being roasted - the bread is rotating like our "Lechon Manok"

After finishing the ice cream you can start eating the bread

The wife visited a famous Belgian chocolate shop and bought several boxes for our kids. Don't bother buying souvenir items here, you'd find the same items at lower price outside the square proper. We enjoyed their local bread called Trdelnik. It is a circular roasted hollowed bread; you can put ice cream inside. It was good.

Early Morning

Afternoon crowds

The perfect time to enjoy this place is early morning. You can have great selfies due to less crowds. Unfortunately, the "Astronomical Clock" was under renovation during our visit. At mid-day until late afternoon, this place is teeming with tourists; it transforms into a huge market place. Probably we were there during peak season.

Given a chane, the wife and I would love to return back to this place.

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