Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Singapore - Beach Road Scissor Cut Curry Rice

Many times, while going back to my Hostel at around 6 pm, I always notice a long queue of people along the sidewalk. I was curious and tried to see what those people were queuing for.

They simply wanted to take their dinner, as you can see at the picture below, around 20 people were in queue. The name of the restaurant was Beach Road Scissor - Cut Curry Rice. It occupies two 2-storey building side by side.

Its name was a bit confusing to me, initially. Out of curiosity, I decided to take my lunch there at 2 pm where there were less people eating.

After seeing how my food was prepared, it became clear to me why this restaurant was called scissor - cut curry rice.

The guy simply cut everything (except fish and vegetables) I selected from the display or menu using an old and rusty scissor. After that, he asked me if I wanted curry sauce on my food. I replied yes, of course.

You can choose from the menu and it is cheap. In my case, without uttering any words, I simply point which food I want him to cut.


There is nothing spectacular on the menu; no secret at all. Fried bean curd, tofu, fish, egg, chicken wings, pork chop and so on.

However, the secret lies on the curry sauce or maybe the old and rusty scissor, LOL. The sauce transforms the otherwise ordinary menu into simply tasty and saucy dish. I think this is an original Singaporean dish because I have never seen any Indian restaurant offering/doing the same thing, not even in middle east.

Actually, I have eaten at Khatib hawkers center the same food but this restaurant outclass that hawker in all aspects.

I have eaten here several times and even took my dinner one time at 12 midnight..

with un-cut fried fish
bean sprouts, fried and bean curd cake with curry sauce

chicken fillet, fried egg and bean curd cake

For drinks, a roving helper would take your order and it will be brought on your table. You pay separately for the drink.

I believe this restaurant is family owned or managed.

For those with spare time to consume in Sinagpore and willing to try something affordable, different and amazing you would find this restaurant 2 blocks away from City Square Mall (Farrer Park MRT station) backside, near Mustafa Center. It is located at the corner of Kitchener and Jalan Besar Streets. Or if you are coming from Little India area, locate Jalan Besar Street, beside Sim Lim Tower, and walk against the flow of traffic. You would reach this place in around 10 minutes of leisurely walk.


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