Friday, April 24, 2015

The new Multi-Level Parking of NAIA Airport Terminal 3

Good news for those who intend to fly and leave their car at NAIA Terminal 3, the multi-level covered parking has been opened since late last year. There is no need to leave your car at their open parking area where it is exposed to harsh elements and unscrupulous individuals.

parking ticket
We tried their new multi-level parking recently. Together with the wife and daughter we flew to Bangkok for business on 16th and returned back on 20th of April.

The parking rate is as follows:

50 pesos for less than a day
300 pesos for overnight parking (more than 24 hours)
500 pesos for lost parking ticket

We entered the parking area at 4 am on 16th and left the place at around 2:30 pm on 20th of April. Strictly speaking we availed their parking services for more than 4 days, if you will count it by hours. Nevertheless, we were billed 1,200 pesos only; they counted 4 calendar days.

Upon our return from Bangkok, I inspected thoroughly our car and fortunately everything was in order. No punctured or flat tire and no new scratches. In short, nothing was amiss.

A very important thing to remember for first time users of this parking facility, the entrance/exit of this multi-level parking is at the ground level or arrival level. I drove through the departure ramp expecting that I could access the multi-level parking building from there. The lady guard on-duty stopped me from entering the parking area and informed me that access on this level was limited for airport's personnel or employees only. She said that I need to go down and make a u-turn near Remington Hotel and go back to the round-about again and drive through the arrival level. It was fortunate that we have ample time to spare though I can sense that the wife was ready to go into beast mode, LOL.

We left the departure ramp and followed the instruction of the lady guard. At the farthest end of the arrival road was the entrance to the multi-level parking. I received the parking ticket and searched for a vacant space near the entrance so that guards would always be near our car. Let me emphasize that I didn't inform anybody about my intention to leave our car for several days. I simply parked it and went directly to the access door of the airport arrival lobby. To add, if the ground level parking is full you can proceed to the higher level parking area.

We entered the airport access door at the corner of arrival hall; we took the elevator at the left side. Once inside the elevator we pressed LD (departure level). Upon leaving the elevator at departure level you need to put all your bags inside the x-ray machine for inspection before you will be allowed to enter the departure hall.

Going back to the multi-level parking from arrival hall is pretty simple as well, just proceed to the the right side corner; don't go out of airport building. You'll see at the farthest end the access door to the multi-level parking. However, if you left your car at higher level then you need to take the elevator to go to higher level.

The whole process is relatively easy if you are familiar with SM Malls covered parking. I can also say that the place is secured since only passengers and airport staffs have access to this multi-level parking unlike the open air parking where individuals lurk for many reasons.

your official receipts upon surrendering your parking ticket

I have checked the parking tickets and noticed that the security staff would report to the proper authority for proper action in case a vehicle has been left for more than 24 hours without prior arrangement with the management. Thus, it is up to you whether you want to inform the security staff about your intention in leaving your vehicle for more than 24 hours. In our case, we simply left our car and retrieved it after four days.

This facility is very much needed due to growing passenger traffic at Terminal 3 since five major international airlines have transferred their operation here from Terminal 1. In addition, it was always very difficult to find a vacant space at their open air parking area specially during peak hours.

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 Update as of 9 June 2015

Once more, we left our family car in the evening of 5th of June and retrieved it upon our arrival on 9th of June at around 7 am; nothing amiss. Again, we didn't mention to the security staff that we would leave our car for a few days.

We were billed 1,200 pesos though we haven't completed 96 hours or four days. This time we left our car at the second floor since the ground floor was full when we arrived. On our return, we found a handful of cars parked at the second floor.