Friday, January 20, 2017

Dads' Review - Klook Travel

On our recent trip to Singapore and Malaysia, the wife informed me that we can book our Gardens by the Bay entrance tickets for “Cloud Forest” and “Flower Dome” from Klook Travel.

Interestingly, we learned that it was cheaper to book some of Singapore’s theme parks’ entrance ticket from Klook rather than purchase it from the gate. Unfamiliar with Klook Travel, I asked the wife to search for any reviews about it on the net.

Due to plenty of good reviews, we decided to book our tickets for “Cloud Forest” and “Flower Dome.” Upon completion of payment online by credit card, I received official receipt and e-vouchers for five of us through email.

sample e-voucher

On our first day in Singapore which was also Christmas Day, there were long queues at both ticket counters and entrances of “Cloud Forest” and “Flower Dome.” As instructed by Klook, we queued directly at the entrance and showed our e-vouchers saved in my smart phone. The staff simply scanned our e-vouchers before allowing us to enter. Aside from discounted tickets (except Legoand Malaysia) we were able to skip the long queue at the ticket counters.

Long story short, upon returning to our hotel on that day, we started booking other theme parks tickets from Klook Travel. The procedures were the same, we simply showed our e-vouchers saved in smart phone to the staff manning the entrance. It was pretty convenient not only because we never had to fall in line at any ticket counters but we were able to save our cash too; money exchange counters in Singapore and Malaysia were hard to find unlike in Bangkok.

Here are the breakdown of our Klook bookings against standard rate. Rate is per (adult) person.

Universal Studios Singapore:           42.96 USD (Standard Rate is 52 USD)

Gardens by the Bay’s CF and FD:   15.5 USD (Standard Rate is 28 USD)

Singapore Cable Car Skypass:         15.52 USD (Standard Rate is 23.15 USD)

Legoland Malaysia:                          35.04 USD (Standard Rate is 35.04 USD)

In addition, whenever you review about the place you have visited through Klook Travel you’re also accumulating points or credits which can be converted into cash. In our case, we were able to redeem Klook Credits worth 128.2 PHP on our last booking.

I highly recommend Klook to all Dads out there if they are planning to visit Asian countries. I am sure the family would appreciate the convenient in accessing the different theme parks and attractions. 

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post but merely an actual experience of a Dad.

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